Sally Walsh

Sally Walsh



Telephone: 07765 240354

Hi, I’m Sally I love what I do! ‘What I do’ is teach Pilates, in small classes, in beautiful surroundings around Bedfordshire.

However, for me, it’s much more than that: it’s about getting to know the people I work with, knowing their goals and abilities, their limitations and requirements. In this way, I can help them on their way to a fitter, stronger and more confident lifestyle.

>Our sessions are sociable and inclusive: friends and fun are made as I guide the class through a variety of flowing exercises that will strengthen and stretch the whole body. Each week is slightly different, but each programme has a specific aim. The classes finish with guided relaxation or mindfulness, allowing everyone to consolidate the full benefit of that day’s session.

Classes are organised into a six week programme, costing £60, payable in advance.

Uniquely, before joining a class, I ask every prospective client to meet with me for a personal consultation which lasts around 30 minutes. During the consultation, you will fill out a health and fitness form and we will discuss you goals. I will also take you through a range of exercises to ease your entry into the class and check whether any modifications or assistance is required. My clients value this personalised approach, as I hope you will too, as it enables you to get far more from your exercise: both in terms of enjoyment and benefit.

If you would liket to know more or to book your consultation please contact me on the number or email above


Sally is very patient and explains things beautifully – we progress- and we have fun! JEJ - Silsoe

Since joining one of Sally’s Pilates classes over a year ago, I definitely feel so much stronger and more flexible. Sally varies the classes each week so it never gets boring! After 10 minutes of relaxation to finish off: you leave feeling that you’ve achieved something for your body and mind. Chrissie B - Silsoe