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Fran Stone, BALaw, Dyp Phyt. MNIMH. AIP - Thyme for Your Health

I qualified as a medical herbalist in 2001 and I am a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists. I had a successful practice for many years in Northamptonshire. Prior to qualification I was a family law solicitor. Having worked with people facing the difficulties and challenges inherent in modern life I have regularly seen that the devastating effect of distress and conflict can cause ill health in the same way as does a physical condition.

Poor energy, low mood, lack of refreshing sleep, anxiety, depression, recurrent infections, low fertility, weight issues, digestive problems and more, are all signs that health is out of balance. As a medical Herbalist, I am trained in anatomy, physiology and pathology according to the principles of conventional western medicine, however I use medicine derived from plants combined in a formula to treat disease and ill-health holistically. Herbal medicine can be used to treat most of the conditions seen by a GP. A prescription will contain at least 5 different herbs which will treat your whole body not just the symptom. Studies have shown that when herbs are taken together they have a deeper, more powerful healing action.

I am also a qualified hypnotherapist and NLP coach. The power of the mind is vast. Negative emotions affect physical health and mental health. Hypnotherapy provides the tools to overcome troubling thoughts and access the neurotransmitters (chemical and hormonal messengers) that affect our immune system, nervous system, digestive system to name but a few, which in turn determine our physical and mental health. Hypnotherapy is used to resolve difficulties with anxiety, phobias, depression, panic attacks, sleep problems, weight control, confidence boosting, smoking and many more conditions. Whenever you feel limited by negative thoughts or unable to follow your dreams, hypnotherapy can help you.

I use herbal medicine and hypnotherapy to enable you to be well and achieve your full potential. Initial consultation: one hour, Follow up appointments: 45 minutes. Please visit my website for details regarding cost and treatment.

My website tells you more about me Thymeforyourhealth Please feel free to ask questions via email or have a look on my site to see if there are any of the answers you seek there.