Dawn Russell

Dawn Russell

Reiki Master, Reiki Drumming, Clairvoyant Medium

Website: www.spiritual-butterfly.co.uk

Email: dawn@spiritual-butterfly.co.uk

Telephone: 07973 384406

Dawn Russell, Reiki Master Practitioner, has been a channel for the divine energy for over 12 years. Following a powerful personal healing experience, Dawn has dedicated her life to using her experiences and spiritual gifts to help others follow their own healing journey.

For more information on Dawn and the work she does, please visit her website (above) or call her on 07973 384406 to ask any questions or to book a session. Please contact Dawn or visit her website for current exchange / prices

Working in partnership with her spiritual team, Dawn aims to bring harmony to your mind, body and spirit, increasing physical, mental and emotional health.

Whether using Reiki, Reiki Drumming, Spiritual Healing, Meditation, Trance Medium-ship or Clairvoyant Medium-ship, Dawn is passionate about finding a spiritual solution to the challenges facing human kind today.

On offer are a variety of spiritual services to help you find and nurture your own divine connection.

Reiki Treatments and Attunement:

Reiki is a gentle hands on (sometimes off) treatment where the client lays on a treatment couch fully clothed. The aim of Reiki is to bring balance to all aspects of our self. Energy healing can decrease stress, reduce physical pain and aid healing. By moving emotional energy, our chakras and energy are able to move freely, raising our energy vibration and increasing physical health. Reiki can be used over any distance and time. It is possible to shift emotional energy from trauma earlier in this and other lifetimes, healing previous situations which are still having impact in our lives today. Dawn also offers Reiki Attunements, please contact her for more information regarding this.

Reiki Drumming:

This powerful yet gentle combination of Reiki and Shamanic Drumming provide a deep level of healing. Used in the same way as other holistic treatments to transmute or move energy, Reiki drumming is a very dynamic tool which enhances the healing experience on all levels. The Reiki Drum is also used to channel and direct Reiki energy and a session will include some drumming coupled with Reiki healing. Sacred drumming alters our brain waves and shifts us into the meditative state allowing healing and answers to be received. By connecting with the vibration of sound through the drum, we remember our own heart beat and the sound of our divine mother earth.

Mental Emotional Reprogramming:

The power of the drum has been shown to effect our brain waves in a positive way. By drumming at a certain rate, it has been proven to change our brainwaves and shift us into the meditative state. In doing this, we are able to "reprogramme" certain patterns or beliefs in our life. Used in partnership with positive affirmations, this is very powerful work and is greatly enhanced when used with Reiki.

Reiki Drum Journeying:

As with many shamanic practices, Drum Journeying is best undertaken with guidance by a qualified practitioner. By using the change in brain rhythm brought about by the drumming, Reiki Drum Journeying takes us into altered states of being or a meditative state. This technique can be used to seek practical answers to current situations or see a situation from another angle. It can also be used to journey to the spiritual realms to meet your power animal, spirit guide or seek answers to questions.

Note: The above healing techniques are very powerful. Depending on the issue, a single or number of sessions may be required.

Meditation Tuition:

Dawn is also a spiritual teacher and runs workshops to bring that deep connection to your own divine light, accessing the energy available to each and every one of us. Whether on a one to one basis or in groups, Dawn is able to teach you some simple techniques to use daily or often in your own life. These include Chakra balancing and calming meditations. As a trance medium Dawn is also a channel for the Spiritual, Angelic and Energy Realms to bring through guided meditations and teachings. /p>

Clairvoyant Psychic, Trance Medium

Dawn is a channel for the spirit world. Working in partnership with her spiritual team and using her wonderful gift, she brings proof of spiritual existence and guidance from spirit for many people. Occasionally using Divination cards, it is possible to look into specific questions in your life and shine a light onto certain subjects. This gives a spiritual viewpoint to sometimes help in the decision making process, though each person is responsible for their own choices and pathway. In some sessions, Dawn will channel guidance from guides or spiritual teachers working via her own spiritual team to bring guidance and clarification.