Wendy Daniels

Wendy Daniels

Bowen, Emmett therapist, Healer and Holistic therapist

Email: wdwendydaniels@googlemail.com

Telephone: 01582 735283 mobile - 07928 054464

Wendy Daniels MSc. PGCE, Cert ECBS.

Bowen, Emmett therapist, Healer and Holistic therapist

Bowen - The Bowen technique is an effective soft tissue therapy. It is a very gentle yet powerful technique which involves rolling type moves over soft tissue at crucial junctions of several muscles, bone and nerve pathways. Sets of moves are interspaced with short breaks when you are left to rest for a few moments. This is essential so that the body is able to incorporate the work done on it. Treatments are weekly, and many complaints are completely resolved after the first few treatments.

How can it help? - Bowen therapy helps to address many old as well as current complaints such as: Sports injury, muscular skeletal conditions of the spine and limbs, pelvic imbalances, coccyx pain back ache, problem shoulders, tennis elbow, asthma and other respiratory problems, sinus problems, digestive, reproductive and kidney problems, ADD and hyperactivity, breast pain relating to mastitis or irregular milk supply , and many more

If you have had a recent fall or injury providing there are no broken bones or any serious damage, the Bowen technique may help speed up your recovery.

Emmett Technique - The Emmett Technique is the application of pressure and gentle switches that enable the release of specific muscle groups. This in turn allows the body to reach a state of balance. Results can be dramatic and instantaneous with most clients recognising an improvement in their level of pain and range of movement after a treatment. Treatments may last upto 1hr 30mins.

How can it help? - Emmett is reported to address pain and restriction in both the head and shoulders, body symmetry and balance, headaches and sinus problems, back and hip pain, knee and ankle restrictions, sports injuries, forearm and grip strength. The treatment works well on it’s own as well as combined with Bowen Technique.

For further information about this technique visit: www.emmett-uk.com

Reflexology - Reflexology is a treatment by which the therapist applies pressure on reflex points on the feet. These points correspond to all areas of the body. During the treatment the therapist may be aware of blockages or imbalances in the body. Releasing these blockages restores balance to the body. Reflexology has been practised for thousands of years by Chinese, Native American Indians and Egyptian cultures

How can it help? - Reflexology can help ease tension and stress, helping you to relax. It improves circulation of the blood and lymph drainage, It eases chronic problems with a course of regular treatments. It also helps detoxifying the body and promotes the body’s natural healing processes. It may relax or energise you.

Reiki - It is a method which heals by balancing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. The healer, who is a channel for the energy, lays her hands on or off various parts of the body. The word Reiki means Universal life force energy. Reiki originated in ancient Tibet thousands of years ago and was rediscovered by a Japanese man Dr Mikao Usui in the late 1800’s.

How can it help? - Reiki relieves pain, accelerates natural healing and improves and maintains health. It eases chronic problems with regular treatment, relaxes or uplifts energy and balances on a mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and subtle level.

Indian Head Indian Head Massage - Indian Head massage is a massage of the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, face and head. Indian head massage has been practised in India for over a thousand years and was originally used to keep hair healthy. Now it is used to relieve stress and tension of everyday life. One treatment lasts about an hour. Oils may be used.

How can it help? - Indian Head massage helps restore joint movement and eases muscle tension. It stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage. Relieves headaches and eyestrain, stimulates and improves scalp circulation so helping to strengthen and improve hair growth. It rebalances skin and oil production and aids desquamation and exfoliation. In general it induces a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.

Wendy Daniels is a therapist with a background in Education and Science.

To visit her personal website and learn more visit: www.wendydaniels.co.uk

She has worked in Histology and Immunology at various London hospitals for 20 years and in Education for 12 years where she worked with children with special needs and with children from ethnic minorities.

With this and having completed a years Counselling course she is able to use all her skills and knowledge to listen to, empathise and treat each person as individuals, tailoring the treatment to suit each person’s needs.

Her own experiences in life has taught her that Complementary health care can indeed complement conventional medicine. She came to realise the positive benefits of Healing when she received Healing during an unfortunate incident in her life. This made her want to train as a healer, which she did in 1999.

This lead her to go on to train in the use of Crystals, Reiki, Reflexology, Indian Head massage, The Bowen technique and Emmett technique. All these techniques benefit us spiritually, emotionally and physically.

We need to take responsibility for our own health; quite often we ignore pain and stress. It is our body’s cry for help

We need to be aware of and listen to our bodies. The more we hang on to pain the more out of balance our body becomes. For us to function to full capacity and to live life to the full we need to be balanced and energised on every level. Our bodies know what it is to feel ‘whole’ we need to allow our bodies to put right what is out of balance.

More Medical professions are now beginning to accept Complementary Health care and are training in these techniques. I know of two GP’s, one in the Midlands who regularly use Bowen and Emmett in their practice another in Bedfordshire who uses Acupuncture.

Wendy may use a variety of methods to obtain the best possible results for each client.

She is a full member of BTPA (Bowen therapist Professional Association) and the FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists). The minimum requirements of being a member of The BTPA is having a Bowen qualification, a Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology, a First Aid certificate (renewable every 3 years) and evidence of undertaking CPD (continuing professional development) which includes a minimum of 15 hours of practical training every year. She is also CNHC registered which is voluntary and is there to protect the public and ensures that practitioners meet national occupational standards and abide by a rigorous code of conduct.