Alex Carberry

Alex Carberry

Naturopathic Herbalist


Alex Carberry is a British born naturopathic herbalist who grew up in Guyana, South America.

He spent his youth on the edge of the Amazon jungle and was introduced to traditional herbalism in his very early childhood. Eventually his passion and the frequent requests by friends and relatives to help them with health issues, led him to the path of becoming a professional herbalist in 2009. Alex treats the whole person, not conditions. His gentle and patient approach has built a reputation of success with a wide range of illnesses.

As a result of his lifelong passion for the human condition and longing to facilitate peoples’ better understanding of themselves and those around them, he has written the series Know Yourself , available on Amazon, which is a great introduction to his teachings and methods.

Alex has delivered a number of talks on the topic of health. His holistic and non-judgemental way of treating people has created a safe zone for patients to open up and explore their deepest issues holding them back from true healing and harmony with themselves and the world.

Please visit the website linked above to find out more about Alex.