Steve Adair

Steve Adair

Soul Coach & Spiritual Educator



Telephone: 07906 679 678

Steve Adair Soul Coach & Spiritual Educator

Are you Living your best life?

Does life seem hard work at times?

Join Steve as you explore three simple truths at work behind all of life. These truths - understanding, will show you how to Live Your Best Life and change the way you look at your circumstances no matter how challenging they may be.

As you understand these principles life takes on a sacredness and self honouring and a balancing between the form (human) and formless (spiritual) natures.

  • When you understand your true nature
  • Your level of wellbeing rises
  • You have loving relationships with yourself and others
  • You live life more fully
  • And You align your inner spiritual being with the outer world.

Steve Adair is an international speaker, trainer, Soul Coach and Three Principles based practitioner. As co-director at 3P Life & Soul he is committed to supporting you to realise your true identity & to uncover innate mental health to bring unlimited balance and depth to life.

From an early age, Steve has been fascinated by how people think & behave. This blended with his intuitive passion for helping others, certification and experience since 1991, has seen Steve gain qualifications as a Psychotherapist, Mental Health Educator, Tera Mai Reiki Master and gained credentials as a Soul Coach by studying with Hay House international writer, healer and author Denise Linn in the US.

Having always followed his compassionate & helpful nature Steve has the rare ability to touch people with a feeling of love, which in turn wakes a person up to their true nature.

He is truly dedicated to helping you to uncover your innate health, wellbeing and wisdom, from within.