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The Roundhouse

The Roundhouse

The structure will be 9 meters in diameter with a turf roof supported by reciprocal beams with straw bale walls and a solid wood floor using where possible locally sourced material.

Sacred geometry will be incorporated into the structure and we will take care to honor the materials and processes as we go.

Although the first stages of building have gone well thanks to a great team under the direction of Stuart, it is at no small cost both in terms of materials and the hours involved for manual work. We would love to have the work completed by the end of the drier season, we would greatly appreciate people to help and support this sacred project.

Stuart - the man without whom none of this would have happened, pictured here with Jack, having just completed the the first of the uprights and cross beams.

We would also like to extend the invitation to people to be involved in the actual build at various stages so please feel free to contact us.