Salt pickling / Fermentation workshop

Salt pickling / Fermentation workshop

This is a great opportunity to learn about preserving food in a natural and healthy way. Held in Katerina’s kitchen at the Clophill centre on Saturday 31st May 10.00 am - 2.00 pm. Cost £50

If you are a productive gardener and wonder if there are any other ways to store and preserve or interested in making the most of seasonal or farmers market specials? Want to improve your diet and not sure how?

Find out how important it is to our gut health to eat 'live foods'. We will be salt pickling vegetables and looking and preparing at some other traditional fermented foods. (and lunch - of course - to eat some of the results).


For bookings call Sarah on 01462 811933 or email

Depending on demand we may be offering further classes at different venues so do let me know if you are interested and the dates don’t suit