Permaculture Garden

Permaculture Garden

Saturday the 29th of September will go down in my memory as a very special day as it was the day we inaugurated the garden here at Clophill.

For me this is no ordinary garden but a real experiment in co creation with Nature with Findhorn as an inspiration. There are no particular guidelines other than that it should be a joyful process with the intention of creating a dialogue with those entities and beings, seen and unseen in order to create something of real value and beauty.

We will incorporate principles of permaculture, Bio Dynamics principles (thank you Alex!), sacred geometry, journeying to the plant spirits and whatever presents itself.


The day started with Myself, Felicitas, Anna and Alex forming a circle and digging and clearing the central bed. The sun shone and the conversation was excellent. We were later joined by Emily and Gina with her son Wood (who dug a magnificent hole as his contribution) and a little later by Sarah and Pam and even my own son Max turned up for a while.


By the end of the day we had cleared a circular bed a good 12 ft across and sunk a pool to create the centre piece and we finished the day with a ceremony to give thanks and made offerings on the impromptu altar.

I had a wonderful day and judging by the remarks of the others and I think they weren't just being polite, they did too. So if you feel inspired to join us next time then we'd love to have you.

permaculture-dig permaculture-wood

Keep an eye out for further developments and new dates to get involved!