The Sacred Fire Community is gathering to celebrate its community and to listen to Grandfather Fire as he borrows the body of Huichol Shaman David Wiley to share his wisdom and humour in a question and answer session.

Just being in the presence of Grandfather is itself a powerful healing.

This year we are hugely privileged to be hosting the event at the Centre. So, for those of you who feel a connection with Grandfather, this could be the perfect moment to enter a direct dialogue, get to ask that question in person, or even if you're just curious....


Later in the year, sometime in October, we are lucky enough to be hosting Ed McGaa - Eagle Man, member of the Ogala Sioux and author of many books on Native American spirituality and history who will be sharing his wisdom.

There are many 'Native' authors and teachers, but rarely are registered tribal members who have personally participated in their ceremonies and culture. Fewer yet have fought for the return of the old traditions and travelled with the Lakota spiritual elders of the past.

Visit to read more about Ed McGaa and his life work.