Family Constellation Workshops coming up

Family Constellation Workshops coming up

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Trying to explain the Constellation process is a lot like trying to explain to someone what an orange looks and tastes like when they’ve never seen or tasted one. After a long and lengthy explanation they will still only have an abstract idea of what you are talking about – that is, until you physically show them the fruit and they actually taste a piece of the orange... At that point, suddenly, it all makes sense, their experience goes beyond the words you have used and into a completely new realm. The understanding becomes a more holistic experience, one that includes, not just the concept of words, but a somatic, bodily perception, something that is 'felt' at a deeper level than just your words could ever convey.

The same is very much true for the explanation of Constellations and their process – while one can explain and outline some of the basic principles and procedures, the best way to understand what they are about is to attend a session or workshop and experience it for yourself. So, if after reading this you still feel confused, but called to this work, don’t worry, there are many, who have been in the same position before you and yet still embarked on this adventure.

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