This last year seems to have flown by with incredible speed, so much has happened. Here are just a few of the latest developments and plans for the coming year.

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December update

December update

This last year seems to have flown by with incredible speed, so much has happened. Ranging from Mother Meera giving Darshan in Clophill to the construction of a Labyrinth plus the development of firm plans to build a Celtic Roundhouse and establish an 'eco' style camping facility with a yurt and wood fired hot tub here which will facilitate the possibility to run residential courses. Not to forget the wonderful range of activities that have been happening such as the two concerts and a workshop with Michael Ormiston and Candida Valentino.

We have also had a visit from David Wiley who is a senior shaman in the Huichol tradition and is a spiritual conduit for the elemental deity of fire we know as Grandfather Fire. A workshop with John Lockley, African sangoma. Sweat Lodges with Leo Rutherford.

There is an increasing range and variety of practitioners from Yoga classes for babies and pregnant mums to a Chiropractic clinic and photography classes.

Next year promises an even more varied and exciting line up with a series of workshops on the Medicine Wheel with Leo Rutherford, Michael Ormiston with Candida Valentino returning to the Centre as will John Lockley.

We are in discussion over some very exciting new projects and directions for the centre in the coming year. From Danu Fox to Derek Hawkins - Astrologer. We will be looking for volunteers to help with the building of the Roundhouse with Chris Park Hopefully Chris will be running some workshops as well on Nature Awareness, ancient technology combined with music and storytelling.

There will be much else going on so please keep checking the site or feel free to subscribe to the mailing list.