Community Garden Project

Community Garden Project

Working with Nature to nourish the World and her People.

Our relationship to our food and the land that provides it is essential for our survival. Currently we use a lot of middlemen to bring us our food, at substantial cost to both ourselves and the planet, poor quality foods (that seemingly might not even be what it says it is, horse beef etc) brought to you using farming methods that damage the planet via pesticides, deforestation, GM crops, poor animal welfare etc etc.

With this in mind we are starting an open project at the Clophill Farm to begin to rebuild our relationship to our food, connect with the land, learn how to grow food naturally, and inspire others to do the same.

All ideas are welcome, all contributions gratefully received.

We will be exploring the following:

  • Growing Fruit, Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers using natural methods only and incorporating Bio Dynamic principles based on Permaculture and exploring different ways to connect and work with Nature
  • Keeping Bees – For Love not Honey!
  • Looking after Chickens – and hopefully breeding some for you to take home.
  • Developing a Forest Garden
  • Generally connecting with Nature and having fun!

We will also be creating a market stall with as much fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers as we can for us all! - All proceeds will go towards continuation and evolution of project.

To register your interest, to let us know you would like to come along on the 9th or to let us know about any materials and/or plants you are able to donate to the project, please call Alex on 07918 027032 or email him via this link. You can also contact Richard at the centre, details are on our 'contacts' page.