Yarn Medicine

Yarn Medicine

Practitioners Involved: Ruth Ford

Venues Used: Yurt

Date / Time: Wednesday 7.30 - 9.30 pm monthly

Price: £10 Children under 18 £5

Yarn Medicine is a little happening at The Clophill Centre on a monthly basis. The aim is to pass on basics, in many ways the healing aspect becomes a journey in patience and creativity. Not all about the final outcome or destination....

I am not prescribing directions as such, or coming in with big projects to be achieved by such and such a date. I'm just helping you to get some ideas on how to start, sitting with you and showing the way, when needed. Just like our Grandmothers did for all time!

The art of working with yarn does not always get passed on through the generations these days. Beginning with the simplicity of a ball of yarn and turning it into a blanket, a hat, a scarf is a beautiful thing made possible through hours of patient sitting and reflecting. Once the basics have been learnt, the ideas have a way of flowing. Being together in this process has its own magic. The intention is to encourage you to enter into the spirit of learning through the old wisdom of patient repetition. Much like prayer beads, twisting and pulling, counting the stitches, it is a great healer and soother. As we move into the darker time of year, we will see things emerging between our fingers and share in one anothers' creations.

To book your place please contact: Ruth - 07961 504243 or email: ruth@talkingtree.co.uk

I would very much like to hold this space as a conscious share. Stories have their place in such circles and so does silence. We may laugh, cry or sing, but mosty I hope we can be in the moment and see what is needed.

Refreshment provided

The circle is usually held in the main yurt straight ahead as you come into the centre. Occasioanlly we may walk into different areas of the land.

2020 Dates: 23rd Jan; 19th Feb; 18th March; 15th April; 13th May; 10th June

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