The Shaman's Way in Times of Turmoil

The Shaman's Way in Times of Turmoil

Practitioners Involved: Leo Rutherford

Venues Used: The Birch Room

Date / Time: Saturday & Sunday November 28th - 29th

Price: £135 Booking Deposit £50

At this time of worldwide upheaval and with the restrictions placed on us by authorities, the challenges to free speech and even freedom itself, this feels a very important time to ask for guidance from spirit, and to seek to comprehend the bigger picture of the worldwide changes we are experiencing.

This will be a weekend of exploring, connecting,remembering - and celebrating.

Times: Saturday 10am – 6pm (approx) / Sunday 10am - 4pm

Please email: or to discuss booking a place.

Leo's numbers are 01435 813508 or Mobile - 07714333989

Studies will include:

  • • Medicine Wheel Teachings - how the Universe works
  • • Shamanic Journeys about issues that really matter
  • • Sacred Circle - sharing our truth
  • • Ceremony on the land
  • • Vitalising our Sacred Connection

The next 18-24 months could be quite chaotic as old structures and unjust ways in which our world has been operating come tumbling down like a house of cards. Then we will be called in different ways to help steer the world in a good heart-direction. It will be important for us to only comply with directives that we know in our heart & soul are right and that are for the benefit of all beings.

The Native American shamans of earlier times 'saw' that their culture was going to be invaded and they guided their people while knowing that destruction was coming to their way of life. We will use shamanic vision techniques to 'see' into this crisis, what will happen as it unfolds and how to survive and thrive through it.

Welcome to Clophill to revitalise your life, your vision, and to connect with the love of like- minded people in the wonderful holding of Mother Earth in the form of Clophill land.