Shamanic Drumming Circle

Shamanic Drumming Circle

Practitioners Involved: Shamamic Quest

Venues Used: The Yurt

Date / Time: Mondays (monthly) 7.30 - 9.30 / 10 pm

Price: £12.50 per circle. Please reserve spaces in advance. £120 for 12 consecutive circles (saving £30.00)

This is a New Moon Drum Circle that falls either before, on or just after a New Moon giving participants access to the energies of either a waning, new or waxing moon.

Information on Dates and Fees are to be found at the end of the page.


  • · To deepen knowledge and practice of shamanism through connection to spirit
  • · To strengthen connection to helping spirit
  • · Create a safe and consistent structure for practice


  • · Working with Motive only of love and harmony
  • · Non-judgmental
  • · Use shamanic healing wisely, humbly, respectfully & compassionately
  • · In the circle, resist the impulse to analyse another or interpret their experience, don’t compare your experiences to others
  • · Confidentiality
  • · Promote a harmonious circle, spirits are attracted to harmony.

Focus & Purpose:

  • · To use shamanic practices only
  • · To expand our shamanic awareness and knowledge
  • · To build and maintain our group connection and support each other

Held at the time on or around the New (Hag) Moon, a time when the energies are fast-flowing and moving towards us.

To book your place please contact Melanie on : 07940 878729

You can also email Melanie here

Dates for 2020:

27th Jan, 24 Feb, 23 Mar, 27 Apr, 25 May, 22 Jun, 20 Jul, 17 Aug, 21 Sept, 19 Oct, 16 Nov, 14 Dec

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