Practitioners Involved: Sally Walsh

Venues Used: The Birch Room

Date / Time: Monday 10.30 - 11.45 am

Price: £60 for 6 weeks - payable in advance

Come and join us for an hour of body conditioning and stretching in the calm of the Birch Room

Each week we use a variety of evenly-paced, flowing exercises to create balance and strength throughout the body Small classes (max 8 people) ensures you get the attention you deserve Suitable for beginners and the more experienced: giving gentle guidance and modifications to suit your ability

To book your place for these please contact Sally on 07765 240354

You can also email Sally here: sally@equifit.me.uk

  • • increase flexibility, mobility and strength
  • • connect with your core and increase core strength
  • • improve your posture
  • • reduce or prevent back pain
  • • feel stronger, more centred, as your physical and mental strength improves

Pilates with Sally is a motivating and highly effective way to strengthen, stretch and streamline your body. It is an ideal way to build both physical and emotional health and can complement you current exercise routine, or be the perfect introduction to doing a little be more.

I pride myself on knowing each of my clients individually, allowing me to give focus to you and your technique: helping you to get the most out of your class

Private sessions (one-to-one or one-to-two) also available, please enquire

New Class on Friday mornings coming soon.


I like the combination of the exertion with the relaxation/breathing and it is a different type of exercise to anything I have done previously. It is a nice atmosphere within the group in a really good setting. I also think we all benefit from the class being a small number as you can closely monitor us. Paul - Clophill

Sally is a fantastic teacher and I love the small numbers in the class so it’s like having a one to one. Sue - Flitwick