Journey round the Wheel of your Life with Leo Rutherford

Journey round the Wheel of your Life with Leo Rutherford

Practitioners Involved: Leo Rutherford

Venues Used: The Birch Room

Date / Time: May - November 2019 (dates listed)

Price: £845 by instalments. Booking deposit £245 Work exchange /bursaries can be arranged.

One of the experiences that set me on the shamans’ path is a trip in Peru back in 1986 with Alberto Villoldo and Inca/Moche shaman don Eduardo Calderon. This was framed as a journey to the Four Directions and it changed me for good. Ever since I have seen/sensed/felt/lived life from the perspective of and guided by the Medicine Wheel.

The Medicine Wheel is a circle of power and knowledge, a way of understanding life framed in a circle. It teaches of our connection to all things, it shows us our way back to centre, our way home. The medicine Wheel is not a belief system but a way to see life clearly, a series of diagrams to help understand the structure of life and see how one action causes another. It reaches how to steer a good heart-full road through life’s many challenges.

This course will take the form of a journey, first on the Red Road – to the South, (the past, the inner child, the emotional body, water, and the qualities of trust and innocence), and the North (the future, the adult, the mental body, air, and the qualities of knowledge and wisdom,) and second on the Blue Road – to the West (present moment, the inner spirit adult, the physical body, the earth and the qualities of self-knowledge) and the East (timeless, the magical child, the spirit, fire and the quality of personal power).

To book your place please contact :- Richard Diss Tel: 01525 862278

Email Payments by cheque to ‘The Clophill Centre’ or BACS to the Centre Account sort code 09-01-28 a/c no 61718066


Course dates are: Four extended weekend meetings – MAY 4-6 / JULY 20-22 / SEPTEMBER 14-15 / NOVEMBER 2-4

Saturday & Sunday 10am – 6pm (approx) & Monday 10am – 5pm.

The journey starts where we are and leads to much greater self knowledge, sense of empowerment, ability to manifest the life we really want to live, and feelings of satisfaction and joy in being the self that we are.

1. The Red Road: – starting the journey: The Medicine Wheel beginning with the Four Directions, the Seven of Creation, the Eight of pattern, the Nine of design and choice, then the full Twenty Count and the Star Maiden’s Circle; and finally a Ceremony of Commitment to our-self, the journey and to each other.

2. Sweat Lodge Ceremony sharing your story to date; the Star Maiden's Circle - exploring how to gain freedom from old false messages, to unstick your life; initial foray into trance dance and journeying to unravel knots.

3. The Blue Road: Trust exercises and other challenges to shift your energy matrix. Dance, play and the Magical Child. Psychic development exercises, exploring energy. Shamanic Journeying and Soul Retrieval, Trance dance (Spirit Movement), Extraction medicine. 

4:  A look at death: Both as the final act of life and the challenge of aliveness versus deadness while alive. Ceremonies of Re-Parenting, Integration, Rounding the Circle, Completions, grounding, looking to the future. The Real Laws of Attraction and how to Really manifest more of the future you Really wish to experience!

That is an abbreviated list of probable happenings! There will be many other ceremonies and experiences as we move along the road of unfoldment.

The course shows you:

HOW TO: Map Life, the Universe and Everything and find your path-with-heart through the 'matrix'

HOW TO: sweat out the old, shake yourself free of negative beliefs about yourself.

HOW TO: find and celebrate the Magical Child within yourself, to laugh and have fun as way of life.

The course is designed to help you navigate whatever life throws at you. To take you to a place where you have much more power to deal with life and its challenges. As the group bonds and trust develops, so we dare to go much deeper. There will be homework assignments and we will set up email/skype sharing so everyone can help each other and continue the group process while we are apart.

The second year will include practitioner training in soul retrieval and creating and holding ceremonial space.

Some simple residential space available or bring a tent. Meals – bring to share


“Experiencing the first year of Leo’s Journey round the Wheel of your Life course was one of the best decisions/choices I have made in recent years. If I said it has contributed to a great change in my life it would be close, but far more accurate is that it created a great change in me. Leo holds space as only an experienced and wise Elder can. He is willing to learn as we learn, he is expert in offering many layered ways to bring our lessons forth. The group became a family, the lessons of one was a teaching for us all! “Ruth Ford

"Thank you very much for these past months & the journey round the wheel. I gained much from this and the group and it has been lovely to reconnect with you.... In deep appreciation of what you bring & gratitude for what these months have brought me. I do hope you will keep in touch"Sally-Anne Fraser

"….want to let you know that since I have met you I actually feel Like I have something to offer the world and I knew that you would make me face myself and teach me all the things that I have ran away from. Thank you so much Leo for giving me the space to start to heal my wounds which run right through to my soul and are the foundation of my teaching."Peter Askew

Here is a list of Leo's upcoming events on Eagle's Wing website