Immram - a Voyage into Celtic Spirituality

Immram - a Voyage into Celtic Spirituality

Practitioners Involved: Sam Maclaren

Venues Used: The Birch Room

Date / Time: Weekend 21st/22nd September

Price: £175 - £50 deposit to secure place

Many of us, at this time, are experiencing a call to return to an ancient way of honouring our lands, our ancestors, the Spirits of our wild places, and most importantly, ourselves.

There is a whole wealth of interest in the idea of Celtic Spirituality as key to becoming indigenous to our own land. We invite you to explore this legacy in a residential weekend immersion into Celtic cosmology, religion and practice, based on the evidence of archaeology, historical and native writings, and the enduring mythology of Britain and Ireland. Presented by Sam MacLaren, a shamanic practitioner and Celticist, who is undertaking training with Harvard Celtic Scholar Sharon Paice MacLeod, in the traditions, beliefs and practices of our Celtic ancestors. This includes learning to free oneself of inaccurate and romantic projections as to the nature of such practices, and to challenge ourselves to accept new under-standing.

This weekend workshop is limited to only 16 participants,and requires experience in journeying, so is unfortunately not suitable for beginners. A beginners workshop is in development and will be available very soon.

Times: Saturday 10am to 5.30pm and Sunday 10am to 4.30pm

To book your place please contact Richard: 01525 862278

You can also email Sam via this link


In this weekend course we will come to understand:

  • • The Nine Elements of the Tradition - The key elements of cosmology and belief that tie all Celtic nations together regard-less of location or era. We will journey to The Well of Wisdom to receive insight and guidance to help with our understand-ing.
  • • The Existence of an Indigenous Medicine Wheel for our Lands - Its story and methods of putting the wisdom into practice. This will be the main focus of our study this weekend, and will include a lot of guided journey work, some challenges to our previous notions about what is 'Celtic' and what is not.
  • • Meeting the Gods - Methods of connecting and developing a reciprocal relationship with these Forces.
  • • A healing meditation using the wisdom of the Three Cauldrons

The venue has a kitchen/cafe space, and all participants are asked to bring vegetarian/vegan food to share, and we can make use of the kitchen facilities.

The cost for this weekend workshop is £175. A deposit of £50 is required to secure your place. Please note that places are very limited! Accommodation is also available for a small number of guests at a small additional cost.

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