Healing Sound Journey

Healing Sound Journey

Practitioners Involved: Rami & Ivana Shaafi

Venues Used: The Birch Room

Date / Time: Saturday 29th May 2021 6.30 - 8.30 pm

Price: £15 Please book you place in advance

Rami & Ivana invite you to a Healing Journey here at Clophill. You will be bathed in sacred sound vibrations of harmonic instruments from around the world, including symphonic gongs, didgeridoos, native american flutes and overtone and throat singing.

You can be lying down or sitting with your eyes closed. Let the healing sounds take you on a journey. It is a very healing and personal journey, where you can go as deep in the sound meditation as you want.

You can experience a range of sensations in your body or emotions or travel in your mind. Seating is available but if you wish to lie down and enjoy the sounds in a relaxed position, please bring a mat, pillow and a blanket for comfort.

To book your place please email Rami and Ivana: info@ramivana.com or call 07915 858099

Please feel free to bring a friend along to experience this peaceful and healing evening!

Rami and Ivana will be spending a month in the UK running their beautiful workshops and creating Sound Journeys. To learn more about their work and other events during their stay here follow this link: www.ramivana.com