Grief Tending in Community

Grief Tending in Community

Practitioners Involved: Sophy Banks

Venues Used: The Centre

Date / Time: 3pm Friday 15th - 4pm Sunday 17th May

Price: £190 low waged - £310 high waged sliding scale. Includes camping accommodation on site, expert facilitation and a supporting team. Payment by instalments and bursaries are available. Please don’t let cost be a barrier to you.

'Grief is like the ocean. Sometimes the water is calm, sometimes it’s overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim.' Vicky Harrison.

Grieving is a natural process, allowing the expression of sadness, loneliness, anger, despair and other feelings.

Over this weekend we will journey together to gently allow our grief to surface and be expressed with others, bringing possibilities of healing, connection and restoration.

A rare and vital opportunity to express and tend our grief with others. When shared in safe spaces our grief becomes a deeply restoring and healing medicine. Only when we don’t have spaces for it to flow does it become something negative and even harmful to self and others. Weaving practices from ancient lineages with insights from neuroscience this weekend offers a deep journey into the healing landscape of grief tending, with a safe return. In this context all painful feelings are welcome, including rage, disappointment, loss, sorrow, shame, fear, numbness and feelings we cannot yet name or give voice to.

Tending grief together can help with depression, exhaustion, isolation, and the sense that we are somehow crazy for feeling what we feel, in a world where pain is often made wrong or avoided instead of cared for.

This weekend is led by Sophy Banks, supported by an experienced team. Sophy has been offering grief workshops for many years, is an experienced psychotherapist, activist, family constellator and is dedicated to finding and sharing practices that build healthy human culture for individuals, groups and communities. She worked for many years at the heart of the Transition movement, holding a focus for inner work in a movement inspiring communities to imagine and create their own positive solutions to the challenges of our time.

For more information, or to book, please contact Sophy on 07913 555896 or you can email via this link - Sophy Banks

For more information about Sophy's Grief tending work see her Website here

About Sophy:

Finding healthy ways to be with painful emotions has been a significant theme in my life, , in my family of origin, working as a therapist, and in my work at the heart of the Transition movement. I feel deeply committed to remaking what I see as a vital human practice, grieving with others in a space of beauty, connection and sacredness. I’ve been running Grief workshops with others since 2013.

I attended a Work that Reconnects event with Joanna Macy in 1999, my first experience of honouring pain together and the benefits that brings. From 2006 I supported the emerging Transition movement for creating a sustainable, thriving, relocalised future for all. I co-founded Transition Training, and went on to hold a focus for the inner dimension of the Transition movement as it spread to 4 continents and thousands of communities. I’ve run workshops exploring life, grief and positive change in many countries and contexts.

I teach and write about the principles of healthy human culture, combining insights from earth based wisdom traditions, esoteric, psychological and social worldviews. My eclectic life has included working as an engineer, therapist, family constellator and for 20 years I played football in women’s teams committed to social justice. I live in Devon, growing all the food I can, and still just about manage to get up the hills on my bike.