Grief Tending in Community

Grief Tending in Community

Practitioners Involved: Sophy Banks

Venues Used: The Centre

Date / Time: 7th September 10 am - 6 pm

Price: £90 - £75 - £60 sliding scale

You are invited to join Sophy Banks for an exploration of grief.

Grief is like the ocean. Sometimes the water is calm, sometimes it’s overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim ~ Vicky Harrison

Together we will create a space in which our grief is welcomed and heard – and we will feel the support that comes from sharing grief with ‘the village’. This is rare in our culture, where grief is so often hidden away, expressed only privately, with therapists or those closest to us.

A one day event gives a good taste of the work – there is time to come together, to build our sense of feeling resourced and connected, and to share some practices and a simple ceremony to express and tend our grief. We also take time to integrate and remind ourselves of the resources we can call on when we return home.

For more information, or to book, please contact Claire Carter

There will be teas and snacks provided, and a 'bring and share' vegetarian/vegan lunch.