Foundation Course - One year

Foundation Course - One year

Practitioners Involved: Melanie Tomsett - Shamanic Quest

Venues Used: The Yurt

Date / Time: 2020 dates TBC

Price: £900 for the year Concessions available

This course consists of eight modules spread over twelve one day workshops. Criteria for acceptance on the course are attendance of an Introductory Workshop. Melanie Tomsett of Shamanic Quest will be running the course here at Clophill

To book your place or to discuss the course further you can contact Melanie on: 07940 878729

You can also email it is essential to book your place in advance.

The Website: Shamanic Quest and Facebook page: Facebook Shamanic Quest

The principle aim of the course is to help you with your own, multi-dimensional personal development, re-establish your connections with the earth and nature and enable you to practice shamanics on an on-going basis to empower your future and help those around you with the knowledge and techniques learned. Participation in the course will impart a deeper understanding of shamanism and its principles and practice. You will learn how to access the extra-ordinary worlds of the shaman though shamanic journey techniques and develop a deeper experience of these non-ordinary realities.

You will:

  • • Learn the appropriate use of shamanic tools and techniques
  • • Come into an awareness of the subtle energies that surround and interpenetrates our physical body and learn various shamanic techniques that will enable us to sense these subtle energies and facilitate any required changes
  • • Begin to comprehend our own multi-dimensional nature – Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit – and learn how the intelligence of the physical body may be contacted and communicated with in order to correct any energy-imbalances that may be causing us problems
  • • Examine the mental 'self' and come to recognise how ‘conditioning’ has prevented us from expressing our ‘true’ self. At these workshops we shall be extending our levels of awareness to obtain the energy-patterns that are needed to deal with the concerns of everyday life, and also to discover the guidance and inspiration that can only be found within
  • • Examine fully the world around us from a shamanic perspective, using the medicine wheel as a guide in making our own personal links with nature and finding direction and purpose in our personal lives. We will experience for our self the Spiritual Ecology and learn how to work with the Elements and with benevolent powers of nature and by so doing obtain personal guidance that is of value in our life at the present time. We will come to understand through personal experience that the trees, plants, animals, birds, even rocks and stones can be our teachers
  • • Examine the nature of the Soul from a shamanic perspective and its relationship with the physical body and the Mind. A unique technique of Life-Energy Restoral is taught based upon a shamanic tradition of Soul therapy
  • • Examine how to retrieve information from subtle essences that are carried from previous lives and stored in our personal energy-system and how this information can help us better deal with the conflicts and challenges being faced in our present life. A unique method of past life therapy is introduced and experienced
  • • There will be opportunities to consolidate your learning and understanding so that your can continue your development on completion of the course
  • • There will be an opportunity for certification on completion of the course, the criteria of which will be discussed in workshop one

Essential items, Please bring to the workshop:

  • • your lunch
  • • a blanket
  • • a cover for your eyes
  • • pen & pad
  • • rattle/drum if you have one

Tea/coffee & biscuits will be available

2020 Dates:

To be confirmed

About Melanie:

Melanie is a mother of three and is also a qualified, practicing homeopath. She has a keen interest in permaculture, sustainable living and the transition towns movement. Melanie says "for me, permaculture and homeopathy are part of how I express my earth walk. Both disciplines are aligned to the principles and practices of shamanics and shamanism. It was during a shamanic journey that I was given the task of learning the application of homeopathy and permaculture, so that I may understand their connections and create a way to use all three combined, in the service of earthcare and peoplecare; hoping to facilitate human healing and inner knowledge so that they may walk lightly and with compassion with each other and on the earth."

Melanie began her shamanic training in 1991 with renowned shaman and international author, Kenneth Meadows. She continued to work with Kenneth until a few weeks before his passing. Andrew Riley wrote "A fellow author and colleague (Leo Rutherford) described the aftermath of one particular ceremony where the author (Kenneth Meadows) was told by an otherworld ally that he would act as a lantern. This spurred him on to write the books, present the workshops and promote his view on shamanism. The books sold and sold and sold.... The flame of the lantern was fanned and became a beacon. I just hope there is someone who can build on this for the next generation" It is Melanie’s aim to be that someone; and it is with Ken’s blessing that she continues to carry the Lantern.