Creating intimacy and connecting to our sexuality

Creating intimacy and connecting to our sexuality

Practitioners Involved: Deborah Carey

Venues Used: The Yurt

Date / Time: Thursday 20th July 7 - 9.30pm

Price: £10

An evening exploring intimacy and understanding how body image, age, empty nest syndrome, and lack of self-confidence, affect enjoyment of our sexuality.

What does it feel like to feel sexually empowered; to feel your true masculine – feminine nature?

The energy we are currently living through is causing an epidemic of dysfunctional relationships that are manifesting as external experiences. This is a time to take full responsibility and find peace internally from this constant battle.

If you can relate to the above and have a curiosity to explore more about your sexual energy, please come along and join us for a couple of hours to enhance your journey of self-discovery.

To book a place please email Deborah here or Phone 07720 406368

This is an evening for couples, singles girls and boys...everyone is welcome

I have been on my own personal journey for over 25 years,last year while in India I experienced a huge wave of energy that I believe is connected to the awakening that’s being experienced by so many on our planet.