Women's Wisom & Healing Circle

This is an event which has already run at The Clophill Centre. If you're interested in knowing when we run similar events, please feel free to get in touch.

Women's Wisom & Healing Circle

Practitioners Involved: Chrissie and Georgie

Venues Used: Yurt

Date / Time: Saturday 17th May 10 am to 4 pm

Price: £30 please pre book in advance £10 deposit

Let your Light Shine! Chrissie and Georgie invite you to join them here at Clophill

Women's circles are ancient in their origin with many aims including bonding, sharing energy, and creating ritual. Our circle is open to all women even if just for one workshop and hopes to create a supportive environment to actively nurture who you truly are. Being part of a circle is far more powerful than what we could achieve alone.

The focus of the workshop will be on "circling to your centre" finding your inner path, allowing yourself to quieten your mind and open you heart The day will include walking the labyrinth together as a group, creating a clay finger labyrinth, meditation, and chanting. May is a time when life is bursting with fertility and potential, and everything is in the process of becoming, a good time to be aware of our needs and current position. The earths energy is at its most active, which is the perfect time to really engage with our own rising energy and walking the path that is calling to us through our intuition and inner guidance.

To book your place please contact: Chrissie on 07531 049930

You can also email Chrissie or Georgie via these links.


The day is from 10am-4pm and will follow a loose structure (however, the aim of the workshops is to be organic and meet the needs of those attending so some variation may occur)

To learn more about the day and what you need to bring follow this link: www.wildpeacecreations.co.uk

The day will usually include a creative element (making a Goddess out of clay or textiles and painting mandalas are just a couple of ideas), meditation, chanting, healing, drumming, and the sharing of concepts/ideas/concerns are the bare bones of these workshops. The idea is not to seek some imagined perfection, but to enjoy the co-creative process. Most of all it is about women supporting each other in a safe, non-judgemental environment, sharing laughter and tears, having fun whilst at the same time gaining insight, awareness and spiritual growth.

Comments from the Circle:

I'm just dropping you a line to thank you both for yesterday. It was a lovely woman-centred day with a great balance of activities and beingness. You had clearly both put a lot of thought and effort into making it so special which we appreciated. Starting something new is always a risk and starting something so inimitable and extraordinary is even more of a risk and I admire you both for your courage in following your instincts and being brave enough to follow your hearts, backed by first class organisational skills. Thank you so very much. We are looking forward to the next gathering on the 8th March. - Maddie

Thank you so much for Saturday. Much good has come since circle... The little goddess has been busy! Blessed be to you and Georgie and everyone. - Ani