Understanding Identity & Trauma

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Understanding Identity & Trauma

Practitioners Involved: Vivien Broughton

Venues Used: The Birch Room

Date / Time: 9th / 10th February 10 - 5 both dayss

Price: £115 - plus £80 for personal constellation requests

Who am I? – Understanding Identity & Trauma with Vivien Broughton.

The deepest and most defining trauma we can experience is what we call the Trauma of Identity. This is a trauma that affects deeply who we are, and how we function in our life. The context in which we arrive, our family, our mother & father, we have no control over, and yet this context is all we have.

This workshop provides a space for personal exploration using the Intention Method.

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More about the workshop:

Who we are is constituted by all the experiences we have had in our lives, including those in the womb, and including any traumatic experiences. We are experiential beings from the moment of conception, and even though we may have no memory of these early times of our life, the memories, and any traumas, are deeply embedded in our psyche, and in our body. The impact of such experiences split us from ourselves, split us from our body, and splits our psyche, and the result is that often who we think we are is not who we really are at all. We may frequently function in a mode of trauma survival even though we may have no memory of the trauma.

Professor Franz Ruppert has been researching and developing his theories about trauma for the past nearly thirty years, and his work offers a coherent theory of trauma and attachment, and through the Intention Method a means to explore those experiences.

In this workshop we will us the Intention Method to explore issues of identity and our life in the present.

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