Trauma - a Systemic look at re-integration & healing old wounds.

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Trauma - a Systemic look at re-integration & healing old wounds.

Practitioners Involved: ELAINE HARRIS an international trainer and practitioner

Venues Used: birch-room

Date / Time: September 14th - 16th 9.30 - 17.30

Price: Investment £300

This workshop is open to anyone who has already done the minimum of the 3 day Introduction training - Practice and Principles of Systemic Constellations training with Elaine or the equivalent. If you are unsure as to your eligibility then please contact Elaine Harris

‘Trauma’ is everywhere - events that happen that are beyond our control, from the extremes of earthquakes and natural disasters, man made wars, economic crisis, exile etc., to a relative or friend dying, divorce or separation, sustained systemic familial abuse, or simply a move away from home, an accident or injury, or a job change – the impacts of these, and more, can send ripples through the system, either business or personal, for generations.

When things become stressful and overwhelming and there is no holding space or time for integration, the human and business psyche has unique ways of coping and responding to Trauma – fight, flight, freeze, split off. The first part is the Traumatic event – the second part of this, the impact, is the Traumatic Response. While the responses might be life saving in the short term they can cause ripples through the system that the generations that come after might find themselves unwittingly entangled in.

To book your place please contact Elaine on 07880 701032 or Richard at the centre on 01525 882278

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Elaine is an international trainer and practitioner having practised in Europe, the US, Egypt and beyond combining over 20 years of study in the healing arts and performance enhancement with her intuition, insight and unique gift for healing.

For more information on this powerful and transformational technique for change visit Elaine's website here

Testimonials from previous clients:

“I've participated in numerous workshops, personal therapy, journaling, body work, and many other methods to heal family issues. However, the constellation with Elaine turned out to be one of the biggest and most impactful pieces of work I've done around my family. - Miranda, Singapore

“Attending the family constellation course with Elaine two years ago was a life transforming experience for me. Not only that it had elevated my coaching practice to higher levels, but also made me realize some ‘hidden loyalties’ I had stored in me that I wasn’t aware of. She’s a great facilitator and excellent at ‘holding space’ for the constellation magic to happen.” MS, Egypt