The Dance of Relationship

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The Dance of Relationship

Practitioners Involved: Karen Aberle and Christian Valenzuela

Venues Used: The Birch Room

Date / Time: Weekend 10th/11th June

Price: Investment in your relationship £145

We are delighted to offer you the opportunity to work with Karen Aberle and her husband Christian Valenzuela, inspirational teachers and initiated shamans from the US here to offer their wit and wisdom on success in relationship.

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being fabulous, how do you rate your relationship?

Here’s what 'fabulous' means = I am in partnership with someone who honors and admires me, who cares for me and takes my concerns to heart, who is intimate, cozy, and playful with me, and supports me in being my authentic self. It means, I am with someone who I trust completely to keep their word and be honest with me.

Fabulous doesn’t mean 'I finally found my soulmate and everything is perfect.'

Fabulous also doesn’t mean 'without conflict' (although physical conflict is not OK). Conflict is a completely necessary ingredient in relationship. It’s the way we begin blending two individuals into one powerful being. So, fabulous includes 'we have conflict AND we are good at resolving it.' Nor does it mean 'I have everything I’ve ever wanted.' Except for the most enlightened individuals, life is a continual needing, wanting, and striving.

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So, what’s your number?

10 is not a pipe dream. 10 is possible for anyone who takes seriously learning the DANCE OF RELATIONSHIP, a dance we never learned in school.

I’m Karen Aberle and I’ve been teaching the basic moves of the DANCE OF RELATIONSHIP along with my husband of 27 years, Cristian Valenzuela, to thousands of people around the globe.

This dance is happening in all relationships – intimate, work, family, and community. But most of us are blind to it. The good news is there are only six moves to learn. The dance is simple but, like any serious endeavor, mastery takes a lot of practice.

This June, we will be at The Clophill Center in Bedfordshire doing an introductory workshop. If you would like to gain new skills for lasting intimacy, we invite you to join us here where you can:

  • • Practice the six moves of the dance
  • • Identify the areas of your relationship that need development
  • • Learn how to speak the difficult truth
  • • Learn how to dissolve conflict
  • • Apologize and forgive past missteps
  • • Begin a design for the future
  • • Receive an advance copy of my book THE DANCE OF RELATIONSHIP, 6 Moves to Greater Love and Intimacy

This is a workshop for couples and singles, straight and gay, if you’re currently in a relationship or wanting to be. Come for a weekend of love, laughter, light, and learning.

Karen has been integrating her spiritual learning with her work as an international coach working with business leaders and communities in the US, Europe and Latin America. To learn more follow this link: Interview with Karen on Soundcloud