The Ages of Men

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The Ages of Men

Practitioners Involved: Professor Nick Clements

Venues Used: The Birch Room

Date / Time: Monday 28th Novemeber 6.30pm for 7pm

Price: £5

Professor Nick Clements is giving a talk on male spirituality and the crisis in masculinity - this is open to men and women.

Nick documents the crisis in masculinity, arguing for a radical change away from the ‘macho’ towards a more emotionally intelligent alternative. He explores rites of passage as a means of creating identity for each age. Particularly looking at teenagers and the steps needed for the boy to become a man, and how indigenous peoples have retained this knowledge and explains the age-old concept of eldership as a vital part of the process.

His workshops and talks use creativity as their foundation, particularly storytelling and poetry. They are moving, humorous, emotionally charged, and challenging. His enthusiasm and energetic delivery enables both women and men to explore the subject in a positive and open manner.

Since 1976, he has specialized in working with men, using rites of passage, focusing on redemption and the shadow. Trained as an artist and filmmaker, but using all forms of creativity, he has transformed the lives of tens of thousands of people. Employed by governments, local authorities and charities to work in prisons, on council estates, and with the disenfranchised. In addition he has lived with and been taught by indigenous people from every continent. Uniquely combining these two experiences he creates new rituals and ceremonies, and has become a leader in the exploration of masculinity, it’s relationship to nature, spirit, and the female.

A short clip of this talk is found on YouTube: New Ages of Men Show.mp4.

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'Insightful, inspired. Wise. A new and deep perspective on how to understand men, lads and boys in the modern world' - William Bloom

'Nicks talk was hugely insightful into a boys journey taking that passage into manhood. A subject rarely touched on and rarely understood. Much needed work.' - Judith Vincent and Carol Poole, One Vision Foundation, Exeter

This talk is a cooperative venture between the Centre, Nick and Just Charity whose aims are to support young men between the ages 13 and 25 to pass through what used to be known as "Rites of Passage". Just Charity has secured funding to coach long term unemployed fathers back to work through its trading arm Just Clarity.

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