Symbolism, Ritual & Tradition of The Mongolian Ger Workshop

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Symbolism, Ritual & Tradition of The Mongolian Ger Workshop

Practitioners Involved: Michael Ormiston & Candida Valentino

Venues Used: The Ger

Date / Time: Saturday 27th September 10.30 am - 5 pm

Price: £50 Please book in advance

A day exploring the traditions, ritual and symbolism of the Mongolian Ger (Round Felt tent)

Ger Door

The Mongolian round felt tent is the quintessential manifestation of these resilient nomadic people. In the vast rolling plains and the big sky the Ger is the centre of human co-existence with nature in all its forms.

For bookings phone: 07837 186370 or email Kanti

Learn about:

Ger sky hole
  • • The Khoimor, the sacred area of the ger
  • • The Gal Golomt, the spirit of the hearth
  • • The history and practical traditions of the Ger./li>
  • • Geriin Magtaal, a praise song to the ger using Mongolian Khoomii Overtone Singing, Khengereg Shaman Drum and Tomor Khuur metal Jew's Harp.
  • • Participate in a Milk blessing Ritual for the ger.
  • •The shamanic significance of the ger in particular the sky hole.
Candida Valentino

Michael Ormiston has travelled to Mongolia 6 times since 1993. He lived with his Mongolian Khoomii Overtone Singing teacher Tserendavaa many times in his Ail (Group of Gers) and learnt ger etiquette as well as the symbolism and sacred aspects of the traditional Mongolian dwelling. He is the UK's most experience Mongolian Khoomii Overtone Singer. In 2011 Michael was awarded The International Outreach Award by the Mongolian Embassy UK, The Mongolian Association in the UK and Lingua Global for his special contribution to the promotion of Mongolia's rich Cultural Heritage.

Candida Valentino began studying sound therapy in 1991, working with toning, overtone singing and voice work as a tool for healing. She trained with Chris James & completed The Power of Sound Teacher Training in 1999. Candida is the only British woman to sing Khargyraa, an undertone style that has strong connections with shamanistic practices of Mongolia and Tuva. She uses the healing sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gongs & Sacred Sound instruments in individual sessions and in concerts in the UK & Europe.

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