Stopping the World

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Stopping the World

Practitioners Involved: Leo Rutherford

Venues Used: The Birch Room

Date / Time: 14th/15th November, 16th/17th Jan, 5th/6th March 10 - 5 both days

Price: Cost £395, a deposit of £100 secures a place, a further £100 payable at commencement of first weekend and the balance of £195 to be paid on the second weekend. Concessions available by request.

With Leo Rutherford

The How and Why of ceremonies - and how to create and lead them effectively.

Ceremony is when we take ourselves out of the time bound mundane realm and go into the timeless beyond. In the timeless realm we can reorient and refocus ourselves towards deeper purpose, connect with allies, guides and helpers of the spirit world and gather our many strands into cohesive focussed intent. The more of our many parts, many aspects, many selves we can unite together in clear direction, the more power we have to bring to be what we truly desire in the everyday world.

When we gather for sacred purpose, to touch the greater reality, to walk between the worlds for healing and renewal, we are entering ceremonial space. We dedicate our time together to that which is greater, which is beyond the realm of the ordinary world and so we open the doors to multidimensional reality. This is where ‘magic’ happens and great changes can be made. Of course, to do this effectively we have to leave ego behind!


Many ceremonies include an aspect of giveaway, release, let-go of the old, of that which no longer serves, a clearing of the decks of the past. This makes space for calling in the new, that which will serve the next part of our life and will help us develop a new set of qualities and talents to take us another step on our journey towards wholeness.

In the end it is what we give for the benefit of others that brings the greatest happiness, not what we take/get out of life. The final act is the ultimate giveaway as we leave every-thing behind. Just our inner being goes with us to the next realm and our inner being is that part deep inside that knows everything we are, everything we’ve been, everything we’ve thought and done and holds our true inner feelings about our self and our life journey. The Universe is like a hall of mirrors and the reflection is perfect.

To book your place please contact :- Richard Diss Tel: 01525 862278 You can also email Payments by cheque to ‘The Clophill Centre’ or BACS to the Centre Account sort code 09-01-28 a/c no 61718066

For further enquiries you can also email Leo:

This workshop is in three parts and will begin focussing around the theme of the traditional fire ceremony. The second meeting will be around the concept of the Community Grief Ceremony learned from Malidoma Some, based on ancient rituals of release of grief, sadness, anger, emotions which in the West tend frequently to be brushed under the carpet. The third will be creating and leading a ceremony yourself. In each weekend while the ceremony is the central focus, a great deal of deep inner work will take place beforehand to potentise the ceremony and afterwards to learn from the messages of the event itself.

My intention is that everyone who participates will come away with a much deepened understanding of the power, vitality and potential of ceremony itself as well as a feeling of their own power and ability to create and hold ceremonies for others.


Leo Rutherford is the founder of Eagle's Wing College of Shamanic Medicine and author of ‘The View through the Medicine Wheel’, ‘Shamanic Path Workbook’ and (Thorsons) ‘Way of Shamanism’, and also the controversial ‘Adam & Evil: the ‘god’ who hates sex, women and human bodies’ He received his MA in Holistic Psychology from Antioch University, San Francisco, and has studied with many gifted shamans. In his work he seeks to bring the ancient techniques of shamanism to help in guiding people of today to find their ‘Path-With-Heart’ and to ‘Walk In-Beauty’.