Star Maiden’s Circle Professional Training

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Star Maiden’s Circle Professional Training

Practitioners Involved: Leo Rutherford and Juinita Puddifoot

Venues Used: The Birch Room

Date / Time: January - April 2019

Price: £695 by instalments (deposit £200) Jan-April. Personal development only – 3 meetings £535 by instalments

This unique course offers an ancient psychotherapeutic map of the cosmos, consciousness, and of life’s Great Human Journey. Suitable for both personal development (3 meetings) or practitioner training.(4 meetings)

Open to anyone who feels drawn to the process including health workers, psychotherapists, counsellors and therapists who wish to add to their existing skills, and individuals who wish to work in depth for themselves and /or as a practitioner.

January 19-20th, February 16-17th, March 9-10th - Practitioner April 6-7th Saturday & Sunday 10am – 6pm (approx)   

Personal Development and Professional Training in Shamanic Therapy. With Leo Rutherford, MA Holistic Psychology, and Juanita Puddifoot, MBACP

To book your place please contact :- Richard Diss Tel: 01525 862278 You can also email

What you will gain from the training: Using the Star Maiden’s circle will enable therapists to support their clients in a structured process to explore the areas of their life which are stuck and what this is associated consciously and unconsciously with. Then the second part of the circle will give them a framework to focus on what they can do or need to have in their lives to help them change. Trainees will experience how potent the Star Maiden’s Circle is for transforming buried issues/emotions/thoughts into inner power.

We will be covering on the training: In terms of modern transpersonal psychotherapeutic skills this includes psycho-drama, movement meditation and imagination exercises. We also teach the use of altered states including the shamanic journey, direct experience of the archetypal energies, awareness of the spiritual dimensions and other worldly connections, how to hold a healing space, learning about the associations with the eight points of the medicine wheel.

The process: is that one person explores their issue in the centre of the medicine wheel, facing the different directions, and with the facilitators guidance explores their issue in depth. This initial circle can touch deep hidden aspects so cathartic release can happen, strong emotions, feelings and physical releases may surface. In the second (Authentic) circle the person seeks the health of each direction, their inner beauty, strengths and potential to become master of self and to create their life of choice.

Training format: The first part enables all participants to experience the Star Maiden’s Circle for themselves. The later meetings will be focused on how to use this framework with clients in either a one to one or group setting. We also aim to help you connect and feel the powers of the directions within you in a way that takes you beyond understanding into instinctual knowing.

This is a unique course that works with the therapeutic knowledge of the human process as a part of the spiritual/ energetic structure of the Cosmos. This enables a transformation of our isolation and separateness into a recognition of our unity with all existence – from ALONE to "ALL – ONE".

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I was gently guided around the circle of my life by Leo and Juanita, I was able to really feel and release the childhood emotions behind the unhelpful patterns, and I finally came to see exactly how and why I was stuck. - Tara B

Extremely powerful and potent experience. I felt fully trusting with Leo in charge. I would not like to experience this with anyone of a less high calibre in charge. It was amazing and deep. (Shamanic Conference feedback).

When I was in the safety of the Star Maiden’s circle I was able to recognise and express some longstanding issues in a way that it had not been possible for me to do before. - Lesley