Snake Medicine

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Snake Medicine

Practitioners Involved: Caroline Carey

Venues Used: The Birch Room

Date / Time: Weekend of 10th & 11th September 2011

Price: £145.00 - To book please send a £75 deposit (see below)

Evoking the mysteries of the ancient with modern day practice - Caroline Carey

There are 12 places on his workshop please book early to avoid disapointment.

Releasing the outer skin of present identity can be a fearful concept, sometimes it is preferable to stay the same way even if stuck or in a rut, rather than experience unfamiliarity or discomfort. Old patterns are safe and reliable, yet static and fixed.

Caroline teaches the progress of the snake shedding its skin as a metaphor for how we can gently and effectively make changes in our present lives. She takes most of these teachings from the study of 'Alchemy' a Mexican black king snake. You will experience deep states of trance and meditation, simple movement that incorporates the mesa practice of Movement Medicine. You will learn to be a story teller of your own truth and the journeys you experience.

'My connection with Alchemy has taught me so much, her movements and ways of transmutation have influenced my own' - C

Cost of workshop is £145. To book please send a £75 deposit to Alchemy In Movement, 6 Carden Avenue, Brighton, BN1 8NA, UK.

You will receive confirmation letter and details of what to bring with you.

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Snake teachings are profound and magical

In cultures around the world snake teaches us to transmute our difficulties and challenges, whether they be sexual, psychic, physical, emotional or spiritual. The power of snake medicine is the power of creation and the transmutation of the fire medicine. (This medicine embodies sexuality, reproduction and ascension.) In this dance of fire and chaos we learn to accept every aspect of ourselves and learn to transform thoughts, feelings, actions and desires so that wholeness can be achieved. This wild dance of creation allows us to shed the skins of ego and past so we can become the creators of our own lives, as we disintegrate the old and transmute the energy we hold, accepting the power of fire within.

Snake comes to you at a time when you are heading for change. You are ready to explore the mysterious, whether in the physical world or in the depths of the mind and soul. Snake medicine knows the power of renewal. This death and rebirth cycle is part of what snake represents. It has ties and significance to the ancient alchemists and their symbolic transmutation of lead into gold. This is associated with higher wisdom that comes with the passing of time. The ability of the snake is to move between the realms of the living and the dead. With this energy we are able to see the world from an entirely new perspective.

A blend of deep movement meditation, shamanic journey, ritual and sharing. Ongoing support and coaching is available with Caroline to help you enrich and deepen the experience into your every day life and actions.

'Thank you, Caroline, for creating a safe and loving space for us to experience the journey and the medicine. You were very present throughout the workshop, supporting us and guiding us consciously and lovingly which gave us the freedom to fully embrace our experiences, painful or otherwise. Your words during the dance were so supportive and encouraging and you knew exactly what to say and the right time to say it. The music was wonderful; evocative and energising. You are a very gifted and intuitive teacher and I won't hesitate to recommend this workshop' - Karen