Shamanic Remote Future Viewing Experience

This is an event which has already run at The Clophill Centre. If you're interested in knowing when we run similar events, please feel free to get in touch.

Shamanic Remote Future Viewing Experience

Practitioners Involved: Leo Rutherford - MA Holistic psychology, Shamanic practitioner

Venues Used: The Farm

Date / Time: Saturday 28th June 9.30 for 10.00 am start

Price: £45 - special one off price Bookings in advance with Richard Diss or Michelle O'Brien (see below)

We have another wonderful opportunity for you to work with Leo Rutherford.

Our day to day reality is significantly influenced by our belief systems. While we are on automatic response, what we see will be according to our deeply held programmes. Therefore in order to see into the future world we need to get outside of our routine consciousness and enter the imagination to get past the barriers of seemingly seperate times and places. We enter into a space where ordinary activity and rational thinking are ceased and timeless time is evoked. Normality is suspended by agreement and we travel in non localised time and space


At the end we piece together the observations of every participant to create pictures of the likely future.

This process of shared remote viewing shows us how connected we are to one another and to that which creates what we experience as reality. While in the everyday world we seem very individual and seperate, once we shift our consciousness to the inner/higher planes, we find we are deeply connected as parts of a much bigger consciousness. We are shown that our seeming seperateness is an illusion, and that by pooling our 'seeing' we can access otherwise hidden knowledge of our future and of far away events.

Leo Rutherford is the founder of Eagle's Wing College of Shamanic Medicine and author of ‘The View through the Medicine Wheel’, ‘Shamanic Path Workbook’ and (Thorsons) ‘Way of Shamanism’, and also the controversial ‘Adam & Evil: the ‘god’ who hates sex, women and human bodies’ He received his MA in Holistic Psychology from Antioch University, San Francisco, and has studied with many gifted shamans. In his work he seeks to bring the ancient techniques of shamanism to help in guiding people of today to find their ‘Path-With-Heart’ and to ‘Walk In-Beauty’.

To book your place please contact :- Richard Diss Tel: 01525 862278 or email Michelle O'Brien