Rekindling Ancestral Hearths: Re-membering the Ancestors

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Rekindling Ancestral Hearths: Re-membering the Ancestors

Practitioners Involved: Caitlin Matthews

Venues Used: The Farm

Date / Time: Weekend 2nd /3rd March 2013

Price: £175.00 (A deposit of £75 is required to secure your place)

‘The universe is but one great city, full of beloved ones, divine and human by nature, endeared to each other.’ – Epictetus, 1st century philosopher.

This is a rare opportunity to take your place on a shamanic course with Caitlín Matthews!

To book a place contact Richard at the centre on 01525 862278 or email Richard here

The ancient dreaming of our ancestors includes us all within its prayer, yet we have forgotten how. When a shaman sees a person with a problem of ancestral cause, he treats the whole family - those who are alive, those who have died and also those who are not yet born. We live in a world that ignores the ancestors but which is neverthless puzzled by the disconnections that we find in every level of society. We will discover how these two things are related, how the individual, family, tribal and spiritual worlds influence us all the time. Shamans know that all the universe is kin to us, and that time and space are no barrier to healing.

This course is dedicated to restoring dignity to the ancestors and giving them a place in our lives. We will open up the ways between the worlds so that the strengths of our ancestors can flow into our families, as well as bringing healing to ancestors who were unable to hold the blessing. When we begin to deal with these issues and to reconnect with our ancestors, our own feelings of abandonment begin to pass and we feel at ‘at home’ in our world.

This course is suitable to those who can journey fluently. You do not need to know the names or lives of ancestors, as much of our work will be with the deep ancestors who are the ancestors of all human beings now alive. If you are adopted or have no family history, you will still find your ancestors! We will work through personal journeying as well as inviting the spirits to come into our place of working in embodied rituals.

Please bring:

  • ~ A stone to represent ancestors which we will work with; to go on your own shrine at home.
  • ~ A selection of about 30-40 very small and varied stones or buttons (between the size of your finger nail and the top joint of your thumb)
  • ~ A rattle with a handle

CAITLIN MATTHEWS teaches the practical applications of ancestral and Celtic traditions worldwide. She is the author of many books, including Celtic Vision: Seership, Omens and Dreams of the Otherworld & Celtic Wisdom Oracle: Ancestral Wisdom & Guidance. Caitlín has taught ancestral shamanic work for many years for it is central to her shamanic healing practice in Oxford. She trained with Dutch shaman Daan van Kampenhout, whose work is centred on ancestral traumas resulting from war, genocide, slavery, forced migration & ethnic cleansing. Caitlín full shamanic training programme through the Foundation for Inspirational & Oracular Studies is in its 23rd year.

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