Reflecting on the Self

This is an event which has already run at The Clophill Centre. If you're interested in knowing when we run similar events, please feel free to get in touch.

Reflecting on the Self

Practitioners Involved: Biggi Hofmann from Ireland

Venues Used: The Birch Room

Date / Time: Saturday 8th October (deposits by 1st September)

Price: £45 for the workshop

An experiential workshop that uses the Magic & Power of Psychodrama for exploration, Change & Healing the Self

Please call or email Richard at the centre to book your place. Send a cheque to secure your place or if you prefer a bank transfer call the centre to arrange this.

Psychodrama is based on the ancient art and healing power of drama, role play and symbolism. It is a creative and deep psychological method that has been developed by J.L.Moreno who believes that spontaneity and creativity are our most important resources in life to facilitate personal and collective change, healing, transformation and growth. It can heal transgenerational trauma and aims to bring healing and growth to the individual and their communities.

A psychodrama is born and created in the moment, in the 'as if-ness' of the here-and-now, on the director’s guidance and the collective energy of the group. Nothing is rehearsed, designated roles are given to members of the group and the energy of spontaneity is released. Acting out our hopes, fears, and dilemmas, can be cathartic, free up blocked energy and lead to insight and resolution.

Psychodrama aims to connect you deeply with your own process, your inner world; and through action methods, drama, role taking, enables you to tap into your individual and collective unconscious, to help reclaim lost parts of yourself or discover new dimensions. It draws on your spiritual self to regain your personal power and lead a balanced and harmonious life.

Biggi will introduce and show us the magic and power of Psychodrama. There will be opportunities for collective and individual exploration so if you like to reflect on your Self, your life, enjoy creativity, playfulness and personal growth, this workshop is for you.


"Psychodrama with Biggi is: A place where I can bring out all of my selves and find myself totally accepted with unconditional love. A place where I feel safer than I have ever felt before, a place where I can find a path that leads me inward where I discover, a place that's sacred ... a place that's deep, … and in them safely your soul she keeps." - Wendy

"Psychodrama Psychotherapy has enabled me to re-tell my life story in a completely new and creative way …… Showing rather than telling, helped me to get out of my head and feel, rather than just talk. Having other group members to witness my difficulties, (and actually take part in acting out my life story), and for these group members, to then share, how my difficulties and my experiences related to their own, helped me to feel much less isolated and less different…" - Sheila Rice