Practical Constellations for Entrepreneurs

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Practical Constellations for Entrepreneurs

Practitioners Involved: ELAINE HARRIS an international trainer and practitioner

Venues Used: birch-room

Date / Time: 5th/6th May 10 am - 5 pm

Price: Investment £240 5 Earlybird discount (Book and pay for by April 14th £200)

2 Days of Practical constellating techniques specifically for developing your relationship with your money, business and yourself.

In this dynamic Workshop we explore and practice powerful and transformative Systemic Constellation Techniques to support us in our business and to help clear personal blocks and limiting belief systems that may be entangling us in matters that are the legacy of others rather than our own.

To book your place please contact Elaine on 07880 701032 or Richard at the centre on 01525 882278

You can also email Elaine or Richard here.


With practical exercises and discussions participants will explore subjects such as:

Your relationship to your ability to RECEIVE – Are you really as open as you think you are? Hidden loyalties to certain family and cultural patterns of behaviour and ‘ways of doing things’ can unconsciously impact in self-sabotaging behaviours we never even thought possible. Systemic constellations are a great way to reveal patterns that may be holding us back and allow them to be given the ‘right place’ in your system. Seeing and honouring what came before is a useful technique for freeing energy and moving forwards.

Money and business – What hidden loyalties do you carry around this subject in your family, culture and society and what can you do about them?

Customers - do they want what you’re offering? – Once you’ve looked at your ability to receive, constellation techniques are a great way to ‘test’ your offer to the market. Easily learnt, this technique is something you can take away with you and use with a few friends to help look at and refine new ideas and offers you may bring to market.

-Resourcing, Somatic Experience and using ‘the ‘Field’ – Learn how to use some of the experiences and phenomena of the constellating process to support you in your everyday life and building your practice.

Elaine is an international trainer and practitioner having practised in Europe, the US, Egypt and beyond combining over 20 years of study in the healing arts and performance enhancement with her intuition, insight and unique gift for healing.

To learn more follow the link to Elaine's website HERE