Moving into Magnificence

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Moving into Magnificence

Practitioners Involved: Julie Robertson and Trudi Nichols

Venues Used: The Birch Room

Date / Time: Sundays 4th May, 8th June, July 13th from 10.00am - 5.00pm

Price: £75 for each day payable in advance or £40 deposit and £40 on the day

Moving into Magnificence is a three part course for Light Workers with Julie Robertson and Trudi Nichols

This course is here to help you step up into the Magnificence of your true Being – for your own evolution, for your loved ones, and to assist the waves of souls who have come to establish the new Golden Age. Developed with the guidance of the Ascended Master Sanat Kumara and other Masters, it is part of the exciting new movement of heart-centred global consciousness. Honouring the Divine Feminine in us all, the course days will be flowing and nurturing, with gentle movement, lightness, laughter and sharing.

To book your place please contact: Julie on 01508 498840

You can also email Julie via this link.

Part One is open to anyone who feels drawn, even if there is no wish to complete the full Course.

Part One – 'Emerging' – May 4th

This focusses on your individual energy balancing and strengthening, so that you are comfortable with the new fifth-dimensional frequencies of Earth. We introduce the Foundation Octaves of the Heart-Breathing Practice, a technique which begins the raising of your consciousness. Powerful processes channelled from Sanat Kumara bring your subtle energies to a new level of strength, clarity and balance. You learn about the Master Essences and their role in your spiritual growth, and receive the first Essence of the Course to take in the following weeks.

Part Two – 'Blossoming' – June 8th

We begin to move our focus from ‘me’ to ’we’ with the deepening of our consciousness. We receive the second Master Essence, and the Empowerment Octaves of Heart-Breathing. Sanat Kumara holds the frequency for us to begin moving into our Magnificence. We learn the Nine Sacred Sounds, and how to use them for ourselves and others. Opening to our creativity, we start to work with our own frequency of the Living Light.

Part Three – 'Bearing Fruit' – July 13th

We step further into our Magnificence with the help of the Transformational Octaves of the Heart-Breathing Practice and the third Master Essence. We practise using energy templates, and connect deeply to work together as a closely bonded team with the Ascended Masters, using the 12 Rays, the Sacred Sounds and a ‘Living Mandala’. This powerful new form of teamwork is an exciting part of global transformation. The nature and purpose of the energy work will be unique to each Course group, and can be extended beyond the Course if group members wish.

You will leave the Course with a new level of Energy Mastery, with the full Heart-Breathing Octaves to help you continue your journey into Magnificence, uplifted by the deep connection with the kindred spirits in your team, and with increased inner peace, joy and awareness to take into everyday life.

Please Note: Details of what to bring for each day will be given on booking.

About the Course Presenters:


Julie Robertson has been a crystal healer for 18 years, and for 6 of those was a Diploma Course tutor. She has led a wide range of spiritual workshops, including crystal and spiritual development days. Julie works closely with the Ascended Masters and our I AM Presence level to offer wisdom, guidance and profound healing.


Trudi Nichols has been a healer for many years. She uses crystals, reflexology and energy healing with her own unique range of channelled Vibrational Essences. Some of her Master Essences form part of the Course. Trudi is also a spiritual artist.