Meditation Chamber Ceremony

This is an event which has already run at The Clophill Centre. If you're interested in knowing when we run similar events, please feel free to get in touch.

Meditation Chamber Ceremony

Practitioners Involved: Nick Stark

Venues Used: The Farm

Date / Time: Saturday 12th November

Price: £45 (half of which will go towards the completion on the chamber.)

On Saturday 12th November we will be holding a 'Jewel for the Earth' ceremony with Nick Stark.

We invite you to join us in this exciting opportunity to inaugurate the new underground meditation chamber at the Centre.

The chamber, which lies on a ley line connected to the St Michael and Mary line, will bring an opportunity to meditate within Mother Earth. By joining with us in this ceremony and sharing your energy you will help to raise even further what is already a powerful location.

The day will be spent connecting with the ancestors and each other and offering thanks to Mother earth in the shape of a beautiful crystal which will be buried in the floor of the new underground meditation chamber.

Nick started life as a musician subsequently taking up Psychotherapy, Tai Chi, Shiatsu and Chi Kung.

He has studied extensively with Leo Rutherford, Howard, Dawn and Lorraine at Eagles Wing and others including Martin Prechtel and now practices as a shamanic Therapist and creator of wonderful Ceremonies.

Nick says of the ceremony: 'The Crystal for the Earth ceremony is a beautiful one. A great gift to Her that gives our bones life. If you come, you may fall in love with praise and gratitude. A warm heart and a fire within it await you'.

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