Life Purpose Workshop

This is an event which has already run at The Clophill Centre. If you're interested in knowing when we run similar events, please feel free to get in touch.

Life Purpose Workshop

Practitioners Involved: Tracey Ash

Venues Used: The Birch Room

Date / Time: Sunday 13th April 10.00am - 5.00 pm

Price: £80 investment

Life Purpose- Awake, Alive, Energised. Throwing off Stories of Limitations

This will be an transformation and awakening intensive workshop that will explore and activate your Life Purpose. This is Tracey’s specialist area. You will be facilitated by the workshop content- super-meditation and self discovery and transformation approaches that will unlock new energy levels that will unlock profound new levels of self insight and freedom.

Your Life Purpose is the grail of all transformation and awakening.

As you explore and activate new breakthrough healing and awakening you create the space and vision to redefine new possibilities for your life purpose and life vision. This workshop will explore visionary and awareness approaches, intensive energy and alchemy techniques, alignment with source/divine/light and Super-Mediation techniques that will give you THE HOW TO so you can deepen self discovery and unlock life purpose in and beyond this workshop. Creating solid foundations for lasting change will be explored and superb energy approaches for alignment, awakening, strengthening, peace, awareness and action for everyday life. It is here your spiritual work must really cut it- it is here the workshop must be realised. This will be a totally practical workshop and enter into how to really live and deepen life purpose.

To book your place please contact Tracey Ash: 07944 761140 or visit This link to pay for your place

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Note: Tracey is also doing private consultations on the last Friday and Saturday of every month between 10.30 am and 4.00 pm. Cost - £65 for half hour £120 for hour


Tracey Ash is one of the finest energy workers I’ve yet come across. Her work is fast, grounded and guarantees results, and the accuracy of her Life Vision readings is exceptional. The speed with which it is possible to access positive, lasting transformation through working with Tracey is second to none. Her workshops and sessions are full of light and humour, seamlessly blending ancient wisdom with empowering and practical applications for everyday life. 12 years ago I was drawn to experience Tracey’s classes because of her leading edge approach to healing and psychic development. To this day, her commitment to developing and sharing new, effective and accelerated paradigms remains a corner stone of her exceptional offering. Highly recommended for those seeking fresh perspectives and profound, dynamic healing techniques for Self and Planet. Expect to emerge transformed, with a truly enhanced sense of POTENTIAL! Adrienne Levonian, Events Director and Former Artistic Director Mind Body Spirit Festival

I have attended the Psychic School for two years and the difference it has made in my life has been profound. It has given me back true confidence and invited me to be all that I am. It is as if I have become more centred and solid through the experience. My own practice as a channel has also grown as Tracey is extremely supportive and offers her students a great many ways and various opportunities to really get up and working with their gift. Owing to her I have gotten to work at different events and even hosted a workshop. Another important aspect to Tracey’s courses is that they are social and lively. I have begun to find my soul group through the courses, and trips I have taken. In that way it is like finally coming home. Being in a place where one is surrounded by people who allow you to be who you are and celebrate themselves and each other. ​ ​If ever you were looking for freedom. Then here it is. Roberta Boyce, LONDON, UK

I booked a session with Tracey because i wanted some guidance re- my soul purpose. I felt I was on the right path but that certain areas of my life, there were blockages. Tracey summed up the essence of my being with the phrase ‘you are a healer, artist, writer and psychic’, encouraging me to pursue these activities with lusty abandonment. Furthermore, Tracey tapped into my love of magic and myth. It was as if she had a window to my soul! I know I’ve got the ability to excel at all of the aforementioned skills. However, Tracey’s session had given me the confidence, which I often lack, to really go for it! i had been meaning to paint and write for years, but somehow I never got round to it. after seeing Tracey, I started painting almost immediately and haven’t looked back since. Like wise, my writing has started to flow again, with poems literally manifesting overnight, as if plucked from thin air. I feel more whole and there is a sense of flow in my life. I am definitely in purpose and this is only the beginning! My self belief is much stronger and I am very excited about the journey ahead. Ethan, UK