Getting Ready for Deep Relationship

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Getting Ready for Deep Relationship

Practitioners Involved: Karen Aberle and Cristián Valenzuela

Venues Used: The Birch Room

Date / Time: Weekend of 1st/2nd June

Price: £145 early-bird (ends 11th May) Regular registration £175

Getting Ready for Deep Relationship is a program for couples and singles who desire to build healthy and empowering relationships based in trust, respect, and shared commitments.

It is a highly interactive two day program that provides basic distinctions,tools and practices that enable participants to assess their current effectiveness in relationship and illuminate the actions for achieving a new level of brilliance. Relationship is a domain of learning that few of us have been taught. Like any other domain of learning, it requires distinctions, practices, and teachers.

To book your place for this weekend please contact: Richard or Katarina Diss on 01525 862278

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The program presents four foundational models of relationship and 13 qualities that show how:

  • • we co-create the future
  • • communicate effectively
  • • learn quickly
  • • build and rebuild trust
  • • engage in difficult conversations and conflict in a productive way
  • • reignite the spark of loving tenderness
  • Normally held around a fire, up to 16 participants experience a safe and intimate environment to explore and work with real concerns and issues. Individuals discover great commonality of their experience and can speak openly without shame or shyness for previous hurts or failures, discover what didn’t work, and move to resolution in amood of wonder.

    The program is led by Karen Aberle and Cristián Valenzuela, a couple that have been together for more than 25 years. They bring together the discourse of the mind with the wisdom of the heart. They were both trained in the philosophy of language and are initiated shamans in the tradition of the Huichol Indians of central Mexico with whom they have studied for more than 15 years. The heart discourse brings forth the sacredness of all life and allows us to see the other as a legitimate other, a treasure and a gift for our own path and learning.

    To learn more about this and the work of the Sacred Fire Community follow this link: Deep Relationship

    Deep Relationship