Gentle Hatha Yoga Flow, Sound Bath & Mandala Making

This is an event which has already run at The Clophill Centre. If you're interested in knowing when we run similar events, please feel free to get in touch.

Gentle Hatha Yoga Flow, Sound Bath & Mandala Making

Practitioners Involved: Candida Valentino

Venues Used: The Birch Room

Date / Time: Saturday 14th March 10 am - 5.30 pm

Price: £50 both workshops or £30 each. £20 deposit required

Candida invites you to come and enjoy this Gentle Hatha yoga flow and Deep relaxation Sound bath followed by an afternoon of Mandala Making

To book your place please email or you can call this number if you have any questions - 07837074505

Yoga & Sound bath: 10.00 am -- 1.00 pm

A morning of exploring and opening our bodies with movements, including a sequence of Somatic exercises designed by Thomas Hanna which are based on Feldenkrais's work, a way to make conscious control of your nerves and muscles. This will gently wake the body breath and mind.

The next part of the morning we will move into a more dynamic but gentle sequence of yoga asanas which we will relate to the chakra system. There will be moments between each sequence where we will sit in stillness and draw our energy towards the chakra focused on with some toning sounds.

The morning will end with guided relaxation and a Gong and Tibetan bowl sound bath.

For those who book on the yoga asana workshop I will send a short questionaire about your health and well being

OM Namah Shivah

Lunch will follow, bring your own, to share.

Mandala Making afternoon: 2.00 pm - 5.30 pm

We will begin the afternoon with a showing of Cymatics film by Hans Jenny which shows experiments of how sound creates patterns.

This will then lead us onto creating our own mandalas, yantras either based on what we have discovered during the day with our own insights or I will be able to give you templates that you can use to then colour yourselves, depending on how creative you are feeling. Everyone is welcome to just EXPLORE AND HAVE FUN, that is the main attribute, you do not have to be a “Artist”, just to be in the moment with yourself.

There is an option of just doing the morning of movement with the sound bath or just doing the mandala making afternoon.


Candida Valentino began studying sound therapy in 1991, working with toning, overtone singing and voice work as a tool for healing. She trained with Chris James & completed The Power of Sound Teacher Training in 1999. Candida is the only British woman to sing Khargyraa, an undertone style that has strong connections with shamanistic practices of Mongolia and Tuva. She uses the healing sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gongs & Sacred Sound instruments in individual sessions and in concerts in the UK & Europe.

She has been training to become a yoga teacher with Yogacampus and also has had formal training in Sacred Geometry and Phauba and Mandala painting at The Prince's School of Traditional Arts.

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