Fundraising workshop for children of Pine Ridge reservation

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Fundraising workshop for children of Pine Ridge reservation

Practitioners Involved: Barbara Dullknife

Venues Used: The Farm

Date / Time: 8th/9th October 10 am - 4pm (Sweat lodge 9th)

Price: Suggested donation £65 (£45 concessions) Sweatlodge £65 (£45 concessions)

Barbara Dullknife, a Lakota elder, will talk about Lakota culture, traditions, ceremonies and history. She is here to represent a movement to raise awareness and funds for a child protection project. The purpose of the children’s home is to provide an immediate safe environment until a caring, safe and suitable native foster or relative home becomes available for children who have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect. The home is entirely based upon Lakota traditional child and family child raising practices.

Two years ago Bryan Brewer, Oglala Sioux President, declared a state of emergency for the Lakota children. Now a group of Lakota elders have joined forces to solve the problem of child safety on Pine Ridge Reservation.

THE VISION These elders are organising the creation of a large, 40 bed emergency home for children 0-12 years. The home will provide an immediate, safe environment for children removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect. It will be run according to traditional Lakota child raising practices, keeping the children within their own culture.

Topics to cover could include:

7 sacred ceremonies of the Lakota and how they are applied to everyday living

Women's roles in Lakota culture and advice to European women (and men) wishing either to come here and support or participate in Lakota ceremonies over in Europe. A dos and dont's list of appropriate behaviour.

Barbara's family history. Her ancestor, Chief Dull Knife, was a very well respected and famous northern Cheyenne chief in native American history.

Life on Pine Ridge today and the Lakota's continued struggle with the US government regarding broken treaties, confiscation of land etc.

Presentation of the children's home project and why there is a need for it (unfortunately!) also extensive Q & A about all things Lakota

Note: There will be a full interview with Barbara in the next issue of Sacred Hoop

Barbara will bring Lakota crafts for anyone interested

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Barbara Dullknife is a Lakota woman, 71 years old, retired. Born and raised in the Yellow Bear community. Later moved to Oglala when married. Still active in promoting projects to help the Lakota people. She has spear-headed numerous projects to raise awareness and improve conditions for her people and particularly children.

The situation at Pine Ridge quite self-explanatory. Due to alcohol and drugs in the home and overcrowding (up to 28 people in one home) young children are at risk of neglect, rape and even death. The authorities are likely to remove children from the home and send them off the reservation to non-native foster families. This process is slow and can lead to any of the above situations. It is also undesirable as Lakota children are at risk of losing their cultural identity once removed from the reservation. The aim of this project is immediate intervention as well as keeping the children on the reservation and in a safe environment close to their extended families while suitable temporary within their own extended family can be arranged.