Flight of the Feather

This is an event which has already run at The Clophill Centre. If you're interested in knowing when we run similar events, please feel free to get in touch.

Flight of the Feather

Practitioners Involved: Juanita Puddifoot and Anne Woodcock

Venues Used: Clophill Centre

Date / Time: 10th/11th February (Times below)

Price: £125 - £70 deposit

On this workshop we will be honouring the bird kingdom. From ancient times birds have been seen as powerful messengers, guides and allies who have many gifts and wisdom to teach us. They grace our skies dancing with the element of wind, touch the earth, travel over great distances and survey the wider scene and be able to see the most minute detail.

Each bird has different qualities, strengths and wisdom to share with those that seek to communicate. In various spiritual traditions birds have important meanings. Some tribes have myths about a giant winged being that creates the wind, in the Greek myths Athena used an owl to communicate with the realm of mortals and in Celtic Nordic traditions, the robin is linked to sacrifice and service.


Join Juanita and Anne to develop and experience a deeper connection with the magical kingdom of birds to bring personal wisdom and healing to your life. We will be embodying the ‘Flight of the Feather’ via shamanic journeying, trance dance, feather healing and rituals.

Bring if you have them - your drum, rattle and feather/s.

To book your place please contact: Richard Diss on 01525 862278 or if you wish to discuss the workshop please contact Juanita on 01234 350313 or email juanitac@btopenworld.com

You can also email Richard here

Times: Saturday 9.30 arrival for 10am start. Finish at 6pm. Sunday finish at 5pm

Juanita Puddifoot


International transpersonal lecturer, teacher and works as a trainer of Deep Memory Process. She works with ancestral influences, spirit release, as a shamanic practitioner and teaches people practical skills to enable a greater understanding of the connections between the physical world, spirit realms and the subtle energies.

To learn more about Juanita follow this link: energygateways.com

Anne Woodcock

Anne Woodcock

An experienced teacher, art therapist and supervisor, Anne has worked in adult mental health, palliative care and in special schools for children and young people with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. Her focus is on the creative healing arts. She is also a spiritual healer, Deep Memory Process therapist and shamanic practitioner. She has a passion for creative self exploration especially for dance and movement for healing. She provides private sessions, tailored workshops and talks for groups and organisations. Anne can be reached on this email m.anne.woodcock@gmail.com