Family Constellation

This is an event which has already run at The Clophill Centre. If you're interested in knowing when we run similar events, please feel free to get in touch.

Family Constellation

Practitioners Involved: ELAINE HARRIS an international trainer and practitioner

Venues Used: birch-room

Date / Time: Friday 3rd April 10 am - 5 pm

Price: £85 - outer circle price is £65 Please see below

What is Family Constellation Therapy

"Family Constellations Therapy has become increasingly recognised as an astounding, powerful and far-reaching approach to finding lasting resolutions in cases which before had seemed beyond reach. It brings to light our deep interconnectedness with family and community and leads to a deep experiential understanding of primordial love at the heart of all kinds of mental, psychosomatic and bodily suffering. Once that love is freed from unconscious entanglements dating back one, two or even three generations, it becomes a force for profound healing."(Dr Albrecht Mahr)

To book your place please contact Richard at the centre on 01525 882278

You can also email Elaine - or Richard here.

There are two price options, to have the opportunity to work on your own issue the numbers are limited and the price is £85 and to attend the outer circle where you will nevertheless obtain profound insights through experiencing and witnessing the work of others the price is £65.

More about the work of Family Constellations:

Sometimes we have recurring patterns in our life that nothing we do seems to change. In a safe and nurturing environment the Constellating process examines these issues through a wider, more systemic lens, making visible hidden elements that may that may be entangling us in matters that are the legacy of others rather than our own. When these elements are revealed there is a chance to free ourselves from the 'story' such as….

  • • Fractured and difficult relationships
  • • Chronic illness, addictions, depression, lack of motivation • Bereavement, loss, suicidal tendencies
  • • Adoption, abortion, illegitimacy, incest, rape
  • • Ancestral issues, family secrets, ruptures, divorce, violence

Constellations also offer an outstanding means at looking at any area where there is discord or confusion and is now widely being used on a corporate level to examine ways of making their structures more effective.

Elaineis an international trainer and practitioner having practised in Europe, the US, Egypt and beyond combining over 20 years of study in the healing arts and performance enhancement with her intuition, insight and unique gift for healing.

To learn more follow the link to Elaine's website HERE