Explore Your Inner World (Talk & Workshop)

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Explore Your Inner World (Talk & Workshop)

Practitioners Involved: Juanita Puddifoot

Venues Used: Birch Room

Date / Time: Friday 15th (talk) & 16th/17th November

Price: Talk - Friday Evening - £7 in advance £12 on the door. Workshop - early bird £95 (before October 7th) - £125 thereafter

Juanita will be holdiing a talk and weekend workshop on Deep Memory Process. All details including booking information for both are listed below

Talk - arrive 7.15. start at 7.30 - 9.30

Deep Memory Process DMP regression therapy is a therapeutic method to explore life’s issues and difficulties that are negativity effecting your life today. These influences may come from your current childhood and adulthood or any of the following soul wounds -

  • • Spiritual realm – Choices the spirit makes between lives
  • • Womb and birth – the vibrational influences from the mother environment and others
  • • Generational or Ancestor residues
  • • Past lives (karmic connections)
  • • Other people’s projections from friends, family, work colleagues etc
  • • Spirit attachments (influences that do not belong to you) human or non-human

DMP focuses on identifying the causes of the negative influences then works on transforming these, releasing any thoughts, emotions, physical residues including healing and integration. Including working with traumatic residues embedded in the physical and subtle bodies.

Join Juanita Puddifoot for a fascinating evening with experiential exercises

To book your place for the talk or the workshop, please contact Juanita on 01234 350313

You can also email juanitac@btopenworld.com


Weekend Workshop:

Explore Your Inner World & give your unconscious a Voice - by listening & expressing your stuck/ hidden residues

Using techniques from the method of Deep Memory Process DMP we will explore what we are carrying within our system that is hidden, frozen, and suppressed. From childhood we learn to disconnect, to cut off from our true self to fit in or be accepted by society. To do this we have to cut off from our emotions and twist ourselves to conform. This has detrimental effects on our life force energy as this becomes restricted and tangled, which can lead to numerous difficulties and issues in adulthood.

Join Juanita for a weekend of self-exploration, to find out what you are unconsciously or consciously ‘holding’ internally, where this comes from and how best to release this and re-ignite your inner truth and connection.

The workshop will involve – experiential exercises, demos, time for sharing

Juanita Puddifoot is an international transpersonal therapist and teacher - her passion is facilitating and enabling transformation of issues that block people them living a happy and fulfilling life. Her empowering and practical approach enables greater understanding of the connections between the physical world, spirit realms and the subtle energies.

To learn more about Juanita follow this link: www.energygateways.com

Deep Memory Process website and more information: www.rogerwoolger.org