Expanding your sensing abilities

This is an event which has already run at The Clophill Centre. If you're interested in knowing when we run similar events, please feel free to get in touch.

Expanding your sensing abilities

Practitioners Involved: Juanita Puddifoot

Venues Used: Clophill Centre

Date / Time: 5th & 6th May (Times below)

Price: £120 - £75 deposit remainder of £45 paid on weekend

Join Juanita for a workshop of experiential exercises, sharing and energy connectedness of things sacred. During this workshop we will be establishing your ‘base line’ then we will be using various exercises to expand and enhance your abilities to ‘sense’ energies.

  • Are you affected or feel drained working with ill, difficult or negative people?
  • Are you sensitive to atmospheres and energies?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable in certain buildings or places ?
  • Do you sense too much and find it difficult to find your own focus ?

Do you wish to develop your sensing and communication abilities – if so then this is the workshop for you.

Understanding how others are able to affect you and experiment with methods to protect your self. We will be using practical exercises to work with the unseen energies. Exploring ways to cleanse our energetic auric fields, locate and remove unwanted energies which have come from other people such as anger, sadness, illness, depression etc. or influences from other energies/realms.

We will also be exploring practical methods of what works for protection and what does not and why, including creating sacred space. We will explore how to change our energy systems to be more robust and be able to deflect negative and unhelpful influences.

This workshop is open to anyone who is interested and no previous experience is necessary.

To book and if you wish to discuss the workshop please contact Juanita on 01234 350313 or email juanitac@btopenworld.com

Times: Saturday 9.30 arrival for 10am start. Finish at 6pm. Sunday finish at 5pm

Juanita Puddifoot


International transpersonal lecturer, teacher and works as a trainer of Deep Memory Process. She works with ancestral influences, spirit release, as a shamanic practitioner and teaches people practical skills to enable a greater understanding of the connections between the physical world, spirit realms and the subtle energies.

To learn more about Juanita follow this link: energygateways.com

Accommodation available –camp, tree house, or bring sleeping bag and use of shared yurt/workshop space. or local B & B's contact Richard for costs & details. Richard Diss tel 01525-862278 or email the centre