Closing the Bones

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Closing the Bones

Practitioners Involved: Rocio Alarcon

Venues Used: The Birch Room

Date / Time: 9th/10th December 10 am - 5 pm both days

Price: £135 deposit £45 to confirm your place

Closing the Bones is a deeply nurturing treatment that focuses on the abdomen and hips. Closing the Bones is traditionally done during the postpartum (postnatal) period to support women who have recently gone through pregnancy, labour and childbirth. During childbirth the woman’s body facilitates the passage of the child by relaxing the ligaments (triggered by hormones) which allows the hips (birth canal) to open. Following the birth this process is reversed.

This ‘Closing The Bones’ treatment is ideally done during the ‘4th trimester’ (in the first hours to first weeks/months after giving birth). Having said that this sealing or closing can still be done decades after having given birth with the same extraordinarily transformational effects.

To book your place please contact :- Richard Diss Tel: 01525 862278 or email:

Rocio has explained that if we did MRI scans of pregnant women we would see how the hips open during the pregnancy, becoming wider and wider, and that after the birth it is paramount to help close them back to their normal width, otherwise mothers suffer from pelvic instability. (Rocio attributes the many women suffering from hip issues in our society to the lack of closing the bones massages post birth) and leak energy.


Further, it can also be particularly healing after the loss of a baby, a miscarriage, stillbirth or abortion, and/or to support women who suffer from anxiety, shock, trauma, or who feel overwhelmed or over-stimulated.

Rocio also explained that the hips support the weight of the spine and head and that they are therefore the seat of unresolved emotions and trauma, which can be felt upon the hips as adrenalin crystals that need to be popped and released during the massage. The massage itself includes sifting with a rebozo (manta), using the rebozo (manta) for closing the hip bones, and using various hand massage techniques using oil around the pubic bones, belly and around the hips.


On a purely physical level massaging the hips with the rebozo (manta) and the subsequent oil massage of the abdominal area help to loosen the lower vertebrae (which have been compressed during pregnancy) and release tension and stagnant energy that has built up during pregnancy. The technique also offers an effective way to help mobilise the pubic bone back into the correct position whilst stimulating shrinkage of the uterus and helping to move the uterus and bladder back into their pre-pregnant place. All this can prevent serious hip problems in older age (hip dislocations, hip replacements, pelvic instability, walking with a walking frame, …). The massage also stimulates the blood circulation which in turn cleans, renews and moves fluids (and may greatly help with milk supply and lochia); moves hormones, renews the immune system, tones the muscles and renews the tissues.

On a deeper emotional and spiritual level, unresolved emotional tension and trauma can be released in this massage and a woman’s energy is drawn back into her creative centre: her womb. A Closing the Bones session leaves you feeling put back together, ‘sealed’, safe, nurtured and cared for. It helps to ‘close’ a new mother energetically, after having gone through the deeply ‘opening’ processes of pregnancy, labour and childbirth, which can leave a woman feeling empowered yet also vulnerable (physically as well as psychologically and emotionally).