Ceremonial Workshop

This is an event which has already run at The Clophill Centre. If you're interested in knowing when we run similar events, please feel free to get in touch.

Ceremonial Workshop

Practitioners Involved: Leo Rutherford

Venues Used: The Farm

Date / Time: 28th/29th May Sat 10am – 6pm / Sun 10am - 5pm

Price: £135 - Booking Deposit £45

With Leo Rutherford

The sweatlodge is the most ancient way of cleansing and renewing known to humans on the planet. Through the ceremony of the sweatlodge, one is cleansed and purified physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. While the sauna is a derivative of the sweatlodge of the ancient Scandinavian peoples, the most familiar lodge these days is in the style of the plains dwelling Native Americans. It is constructed of saplings bent and tied together to form an upside down saucer shape, half a sphere. This is then covered with blankets, tarpaulins and whatever is readily available until it is dark inside and reasonably well insulated to keep the heat in.

In the words of Native American writer and teacher Ed McGaa Eagleman: 'While the sweatlodge itself is simple to describe, it is beyond any mortal writer's ability to adequately convey the ultimate culmination of spiritual, mystical and psychic expression of the sweatlodge ceremony. You have to experience it to truly realise its fullness and depth.'

To book your place please contact :- Richard Diss Tel: 01525 862278 You can also email richard@clophillcentre.co.uk

Here is the sweatlodge described In the words of Stalking Wolf, the Apache Grandfather who taught Tom Brown and is immortalised in Tom's books 'The Vision', 'The Quest' and 'The Journey' -

'You have felt the presence of the ancients, the expansion of self, and the peace. You know now what a true ceremony should be, for as you feel the power of the lodge, so too will others, regardless of belief. The sweatlodge speaks to all peoples in the language of their own beliefs and thus it becomes a universal truth. So, then, use the lodge as a tool, a doorway for physical and spiritual renewal and cleansing, a pathway to expansion and a vehicle to the worlds of the unseen and eternal'

A few practical questions:

People often ask – 'what do you wear in a sweatlodge?' My answer is what you choose or choose not to wear. I personally wear a towel pinned round my waist. Note that anything you wear will need to go straight the laundry basket afterwards!

Another important thing to note is that if it gets too hot for you at any time, you just need to call 'Door Please' and I will immediately open the door so you can leave. The lodge is not a competition for who can take the most. Needless to say, ego has no place in a sweatlodge.


The workshop is about the ceremonial way of life. The sweatlodge will be a central part of it.

To learn more about Leo visit: eagleswing.co.uk